MileageWise: The Essential Grubhub Mileage Tracker App

Sep 21, 2023 

As a Grubhub driver, understanding and tracking your mileage and the wear and tear on your vehicle is essential but can be pretty tedious. Juggling food orders, managing traffic, and handling eager customers wanting their meals ASAP leave little time for manual logging of miles and vehicle expenses.

However, without precise mileage records, you risk losing out on substantial Grubhub tax deductions. Fear not: we have the perfect solution for you!as a grubhub driver, use mileagewise as your mileage tracker app

Grubhub and Mileage Tracking

If you are new to the gig, you might be wondering why your peers are discussing mileage tracking and saving on taxes. You might ask “Does Grubhub even take out taxes from my pay?” The answer, sadly, is no. You are responsible to pay your taxes and navigate your deductions. This is where mileage tracking comes into the picture. The concept is quite simple: track your miles and deduct the IRS mileage rate for each mile.

Eliminate Mileage Tracking Woes with MileageWise

The answer to your Grubhub mileage concerns? MileageWise. This app will not only automate and refine your mileage tracking but also operate with such finesse that your monthly logs will easily stand up against a strict IRS audit. Assembling and printing your monthly logs in an IRS-Proof way is a breeze with the help of your personal Web Dashboard, and the app will also help you keep an eye on your vehicle-related expenses.

The Go-To Mileage Tracker for Grubhub Drivers: MileageWise

Being a Grubhub delivery driver, tracking your mileage is pivotal for maximizing tax deductions and trimming expenses. Enter MileageWise with its state-of-the-art mobile application and web dashboard.

Gone are the days of manual mileage logging

Forget about hurriedly noting down your miles on some random paper piece, only to misplace it later. No more anxiety about missing the mileage of that last Grubhub order.

Offering 3+1 automatic trip recording options (vehicle movement monitoring, Bluetooth monitoring, Plug’N’Go monitoring, and manual recording), MileageWise lets you select the mode that suits your needs. Plus, you can define when the app records your trips, such as only during working hours.

MileageWise Prioritizes Privacy

Using MileageWise ensures you’re not endlessly tracked by GPS during auto-trip recordings – instead, the mobile app connects your points of arrival. This ensures full privacy law compliance while being battery and data-efficient. Meanwhile, MileageWise’s server automatically computes trip distances in the background.

Adjust Your Recording Parameters

The app also presents an auto-business vs. personal trip categorization, eliminating any manual input hassles.

Wish you wouldn’t have to deal with stopping and restarting your mileage tracker after each customer is served? Take advantage of the Standby-timer feature.

Moreover, with Waze integration, you can directly plan a journey to your saved clients to optimize routes and cut down on fuel expenses.

Stay Organized, Claim Big

With MileageWise, you can easily amplify your Grubhub income by leveraging tax deductions, minimizing costs, and maintaining an organized tracking flow.

Embrace precise mileage logs and experience stress-free, seamless logging.

Retain More of Your Hard-Earned Money

Relying on MileageWise translates to a heavier wallet during tax time. Furnished with thorough, 100% IRS-Proof mileage logs, you get to retain a bigger portion of your hard-earned money.

And who can say no to extra cash?

AI Wizard Feature: Bridge the Gap for Any Unrecorded Miles or Trips

Have you just recently started at Grubhub and weren’t aware of the importance of tracking your miles? The AI Wizard comes to the rescue by suggesting realistic trips to cover any untracked miles, guaranteeing a complete mileage log.

With MileageWise’s retrospective logging feature, every journey is accounted for. Even if a delivery or two slips your attention, this tool ensures your records are IRS-Proof.

Imagine having a meticulous personal assistant solely focused on perfecting your mileage records. Quite the dream, isn’t it?

Import Your Journeys from Google Timeline

You can also pull data from your Google Timeline, making sure every delivery is accounted for, irrespective of your schedule or occasional forgetfulness.

With the ability to import data from Google Timeline, no journey recorded by Google will be missed, making it a breeze to remember past deliveries. More comprehensive logs translate to minimal unrecorded trips and, subsequently, more deductible business miles!

It’s virtually like having an impeccable memory without the mental exhaustion.

Effortlessly Track Expenses with Detailed Reports for Peak Earnings

Also, don’t overlook the comprehensive 100% IRS-Proof mileage log reports provided by MileageWise.

With a transparent view of your spending, track your deductions and enhance earnings. Say farewell to unforeseen costs that dent your income.

MileageWise has your back, so you can deliver scrumptious meals with joy.

Assemble, revise, and print your IRS-Proof log within minutes

Time to get your logs ready for tax deduction? You can easily assemble your monthly mileage logs in the MileageWise dashboard and print them in IRS-Proof format in a matter of minutes!

MileageWise: The Must-Have App for Every Grubhub Driver

Why let mileage logging weigh on your mind when MileageWise is just a tap away? Sign up today and tap into its monetary advantages. So, when someone inquires about your Grubhub revenue and mileage records, just flash your MileageWise app with pride. Let’s simplify tax time and increase your take-home pay!

Download MileageWise’s automatic mileage tracker app from Google Play or the App Store & try it for free for 14 days. No credit card required!

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