Release notes

May 2024

  • The ‘Basic data’ menu has been renamed to ‘My data’
  • The ‘Universal Trip Import’ has been renamed to ‘Excel Trip Import’
  • Added a ‘Delete’ icon and an ‘Edit’ icon to the ‘List view’ of refuelings / chargings
  • Bug fixes

April 2024

  • (NEW!) Ability to bulk modify trip purposes for Clients/Locations to also take effect on both past and future trips in one fell swoop
  • (NEW!) Timestamps included on IRS-Proof mileage log
  • (NEW!) In-app chat has arrived
  • Switching to List View of trips has been made directly available via a new button on the Trips menu. Along with a new button for the Trip Import function
  • Enhanced Google Timeline Trip Import duplication filter
  • Ability to import the Google Takeout ZIP directly, as well as the monthly JSON files
  • Bug fixes

March 2024

  • (NEW!) “Delivery” added as a trip purpose
  • (NEW!) Timestamps included for Google Timeline Trip Imports
  • AI Wizard function optimized
  • Bug fixes

February 2024

  • (NEW!) Delete an entire day with 1 click
  • Google Timeline Trip Import function optimized
  • Operational enhancements
  • Bug fixes

January 2024

  • Operational enhancements
  • Bug fixes

December 2023

  • (NEW!) Group modification for trips via list view
  • Google Timeline Trip Import function optimized
  • Address data modification process optimized
  • Operational enhancements
  • Bug fixes

November 2023

  • (NEW!) Option to select a PERSONAL default trip purpose
  • “AdWise Wizard” changed to “AI Wizard”
  • Mileage Log generation speed increased by 300%
  • Operational enhancements
  • Bug fixes

October 2023

  • Operational enhancements
  • Bug fixes

September 2023

  • Operational enhancements
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

August 2023

  • Report function optimized
  • Graphical updates
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

July 2023

  • (NEW!) Summary Report feature
  • Report function updated
  • Import function optimized
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

June 2023

  • UI optimizations and aesthetic changes
  • Daily route display optimized
  • Google Timeline Trip Import function optimized
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

May 2023

  • Updated setup process
  • The Mass Client Name Modification function updated
  • Minor aesthetic changes
  • Report function updated
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

April 2023

  • (NEW!)  Default trip purpose “Restaurant” added to the library
  • The Vehicle Expenses menu updated to allow the uploading of files
  • AI Wizard function updated and renamed
  • Ability to change the trip purpose straight from the Mass Client Name Modification menu
  • Trips import function updated and optimized (functionality & aesthetics)
  • Bug fixes and improvements

March 2023

  • (NEW!)  Vehicle expenses menu: Record and keep track of your tax-deductible vehicle-related expenses
  • AI Wizard function optimized
  • UI enhancements
  • Minor aesthetic changes
  • Bug fixes and improvements

February 2023

  • (NEW!) Report function: View & generate periodically aggregated reports (yearly, bi-weekly, etc)
  • (NEW!) Ability to view your daily route on the map
  • Multiple minor aesthetic changes
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

January 2023

  • Minor aesthetic changes
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

December 2022

  • Aesthetic changes
  • Google Timeline import optimizations
  • Bug fixes and improvements

November 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements

October 2022

  • (NEW!) The “Finalization of trips” tab changed to “Trips”
  • (NEW!) Adding start-of-month and end-of-month odometer readings is now optional
  • (NEW!) The integrations menu tab added
  • Multiple minor aesthetic changes
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

September 2022

  • (NEW!) Inserting the default daily departure/arrival location is now optional
  • (NEW!) Option to export mileage log in Excel and CSV format
  • (NEW!) FAB and other action buttons updated and relocated
  • Google Timeline import optimizations
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

August 2022

  • (NEW!) Dates are also shown for the odometer reading sections within the daily details footer
  • (NEW!) Complete graphical redesign of the Trips menu in List view
  • (NEW!) Updated graphics for adding a new trip
  • Updated map
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

July 2022

  • (NEW!) Option to change the starting day for the week
  • (NEW!) Google Timeline import
  • (NEW!) Simplified setup process
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

June 2022

  • Optimizations in regards to printing your IRS-proof mileage log
  • Optimizations in regards to using the Standard Mileage Rate
  • Calendar functionality improvements
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

May 2022

  • (NEW!) Missing miles are now automatically incorporated as personal miles
  • (NEW!) When using the Standard Mileage Rate, it’s not necessary to record detailed refuelings / chargings
  • (NEW!) Option to delete odometer readings (starting, end-of-month, fixed) via the Odometer Reading details tab
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

February 2022

  • (NEW!) Option to enter the closing odometer reading mid-month
  • (NEW!) Option to record a filling station visit for non-refueling purposes
  • (NEW!) Clients / Addresses and Trip Purposes can be edited directly from day view
  • The odometer reading calculator updated
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

January 2022

  • Client and Fixed trip import functions updated
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

December 2021

  • Map interface updated
  • (NEW!) All recorded odometer readings are modifiable at once from the odometer reading details screen
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

November 2021

  • Adding a new HQ/Client/Address screen interface and map updated, rearranged
  • (NEW!) Refueling/Recharging mileage recommendation added
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

October 2021

September 2021

  • (NEW!) Partners / Destinations has been renamed to Clients / Addresses
  • (NEW!) In the Monthly trips menu’s Finalization of trips menu point a 16-step tutorial when adding a new trip has been implemented, which can be canceled at any time
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

August 2021

  • (NEW!) Adding address data as the name of a client in case of not having an official Client / Address Name
  • (NEW!) Direct scrolling button between the days filled with data in Calendar view at Finalization of Trips menu
  • Interactive tutorial on the Web Dashboard/Monthly trips, as well
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

July 2021

  • (NEW!) Fully Automatic Trip Recording Option: Vehicle Movement Monitoring
  • (NEW!) Trip recording without a Client / Address name in the case of Manual trip recording (the Client’s / Address’s name will be the same as the address data, which can be changed later)
  • (NEW!) Improved menu layout for clarity (merging the Fixed trips / Mobile app with the Finalization of trips menu point)
  • (NEW!) New, interactive tutorial both on the Web Dashboard and the Mileage Tracker App
  • (NEW!) Plus info buttons next to the Web Dashboard’s menu points
  • (NEW!) Automatic address fill-in and search, in case of adding a new Client / Address

May 2021

  • (NEW!) The ability to add a new vehicle from the Mobile app and related changes in the Web Dashboard
  • (NEW!) Recording refuelings without specific refueling data in the Web dashboard
  • New user interface graphics, more intuitive visual display of drop-down list fields
  • Improvements related to the operation of the Mobile app, e.g. handling of refueling in case of automatic recording
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

March 2021

  • (NEW!) Easier Client entry: automatic address insert option into the name field
  • (NEW!) Application settings, e.g. the MileageWise footer can be removed from the final mileage log
  • Improved and refined Client import function: filtering duplicates, managing manual fixes
  • More detailed Client import and Fixed trip import error messages
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

February 2021

  • (NEW!) New and Improved Tutorial flow to help with the Setup of the Software
  • (NEW!) New and Improved Help flow to help with the Use of the Software
  • Minor bug fixes, optimizations

January 2021

  • (NEW!) Notification before printing about Anonymous Clients in your finished mileage log
  • “Save and Close” button for navigating without saving
  • New and improved help flow to troubleshoot known errors
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

December 2020

November 2020

  • The date of refueling can be changed again
  • Improving the handling of previously recorded refuelings in connection with the cancellation of a filling station
  • Odometer reading fixes: odometer reading scrolling and recommendation
  • Optimizations and minor fixes

October 2020

  • (NEW!) Odometer reading recording option for fixed and occasional trips
  • (NEW!) Filtering distance changes when adding occasional trips
  • New time selector when recording a refueling
  • Checking the realistic nature of the input data when recording a refueling

September 2020

  • (NEW!) Fixed trip import
  • (NEW!) Overwriting calculated distances function
  • (NEW!) Possibility to import clients with the same name
  • Option to reduce the ratio of fixed personal trips during AI Wizard
  • When adding trips, the distance from the previous point is indicated for each client in the list

August 2020

  • (NEW!) User management function
  • (NEW!) Automatic client recording modes
  • (NEW!) Access management function

July 2020

  • (NEW!) Manual and automatic distance correction function
  • (NEW!) Client-vehicle pairing function
  • Recurring daily trips reload option
  • New List view display
  • Odometer readings calculated on the basis of distances recorded during refuelings screen (if the end-of-month odometer reading is missing)
  • Taking the last trip at the end of the day into account for the next day’s departure

June 2020

  • (NEW!) Filter for duplications in client imports
  • (NEW!) Graphical display of mile differences of monthly trips
  • (NEW!) Mass trip purpose modification of clients
  • (NEW!) Mass client relocation
  • (NEW!) End-of-month and refueling odometer reading positions screen in the Finalization of trip menu point
  • (NEW!) New, updated client import sample file
  • Continuously updated Standard mileage rate menu (for information only)
  • AI Wizard 2.0: Development of distance correction functions (lower limit calculation + refueling stages)
  • Optimization of the business / personal trip ratio function
  • Optimization of the operation of time dials

May 2020

  • (NEW!) AI Wizard
  • (NEW!) Refueling sections graphic display
  • (NEW!) New Calendar view interface
  • (NEW!) Possibility to delete all AI Wizard trips in the Finalization of trips menu point
  • AI Wizard updates
  • New map engine, revamped map interface, updated distance calculation, 3D buildings, and POIs
  • Client import optimizations

April 2020

  • (NEW!) 30 days Trial period with full features. No credit card needed.
  • (NEW!) Faster map display and 2D / 3D display
  • Updated user interface (Angular 7)
  • Wording clarifications, new FAQ help articles, error messages (context-sensitive help links)

March 2020

  • (NEW!) Mobile app integration
  • (NEW!) Recurring daily trips
  • (NEW!) Pre-print checking of nearly 70 logical conflicts, information system
  • (NEW!) Browser “back” button management
  • Further development of our backend system for more efficient customer service
  • New client import design
  • Displaying clients on the map with a new, modern collection cluster display
  • Updated vehicle and date selector
  • Speed Checker warning during the 70 conflicts checks

February 2020

  • (NEW!) In the Monthly ending odometer reading and refueling summary, we list the distances between refuelings and the end-of-month odometer readings
  • (NEW!) Categorized list of companies and address results when adding a new client
  • (NEW!) Vehicle-client pairing function: for multiple vehicles, you can assign which vehicle visits or can visit which Headquarters, Branch, Client, or Filling station
  • (NEW!) Error monitoring system in the background, which immediately notifies the Development Team of any errors that may or may not be detected by all users
  • (NEW!) During recording daily trips, we also display the total miles driven that day
  • (NEW!) During recording daily trips, in brackets, we also display the number of miles missing for the refueling sections and the total monthly section
  • (NEW!) The total value is selected with one click on each input field
  • (NEW!) Maintenance mode notifies users when a system upgrade is taken place
  • (NEW!) When recording a refueling the purpose of the trip will be determined by the type of the client before/after the trip to the Filling station
  • Error messages and warnings got a new graphic look
  • 57 operation optimizing developments

January 2020

  • (NEW!) Web Dashboard running in a browser (supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge (Chromium)), no need to install anything
  • GDPR-compliant data handling
  • (NEW!) IT background running on Amazon servers across multiple continents and automatic data back-up
  • (NEW!) Set-up Wizard
  • (NEW!) Introductory video and context-sensitive help videos
  • (NEW!) Built-in USA map (OpenStreetMap), mass distance calculation between any two US clients
  • User forum
  • Intuitive FAQ database with easy navigation
  • Separate Headquarters / Client / Filling station management
  • You can search for a new Client, Filling station, or any POI by entering a company name, address, or GPS coordinate, or placing a marker  on the map – just like searching on a Google map
  • (NEW!) Bulk client import from other databases, e.g. a billing software (in .csv or .xlsx format, based on a sample file)
  • Support for electric and hybrid cars
  • (NEW!) Separate profiles based on calculation bases (standard mileage rate or actual expense method)
  • (NEW!) Personal or business trip purpose assignment to trips
  • Modern interface with a logical step-by-step structure
  • (NEW!) Monthly ending odometer reading and refueling summary
  • (NEW!) Past Odometer Reading Calculator for reconstructing lost mileage
  • Calendar view for monthly trips
  • Calendar view for days-off, vacations, and national holidays
  • Create and store mileage logs in PDF format in the cloud in an easily accessible interface