Introducing MileageWise: The Ultimate Mileage Logging Solution

Welcome to MileageWise, where seamless mileage tracking meets unparalleled convenience. This all-inclusive software guarantees precise documentation of your journeys, empowering you to maximize your tax deductions while adhering to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. With our powerful Dashboard and intuitive Mobile App, managing your mileage has never been easier. 

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Streamlined Data Input and Organization


MileageWise delivers a user-friendly interface that facilitates fast and efficient data entry. Easily manage your trip data with the capability to edit, delete, or add new trips.


Robust IRS-Proof Documentation


MileageWise meets the stringent documentation criteria established by the IRS, offering users confidence when facing audits. The software produces in-depth reports containing all vital information mandated by the IRS, including each trip’s date, purpose, and distance. This data is securely stored for the required six-year duration, ensuring that your records remain easily retrievable in case of an IRS mileage audit.


Furthermore, the built-in IRS auditor checks and corrects 70 logical contradictions in your mileage log before printing – this is how MileageWise makes sure you’ll have 100% IRS-proof mileage logs!


Anywhere, Anytime Access via the Cloud


As a cloud-powered solution, MileageWise enables convenient access to your mileage logs from any device, at any location. Furthermore, this feature eliminates the need for bulky spreadsheets or physical logs. Users can grant access to their accountants or financial advisors, fostering effective collaboration and precise reporting. 


Overview of the Mobile App and the Dashboard


While both the Mobile App and the Dashboard stand as comprehensive mileage logging tools, each has its benefits tailored for users with different needs.


The Mobile App is perfect for users needing automatic tracking and on-the-go adjustments. It’s tailored for those who want simplicity and immediacy in their mileage logging.


On the other hand, the Dashboard excels in comprehensive trip management, detailed log creation, trip recovery, and in-depth analytics. It’s designed for users who require thorough review and analysis of their mileage data, along with seamless integration with other tools for enhanced accuracy and compliance.


Together, the Mobile App and Dashboard provide a powerful, integrated solution for all mileage tracking needs, ensuring convenience, accuracy, and IRS compliance.


Here is a quick overview of the features of each:

MileageWise Mobile App:
Your On-the-Go Solution

Automatic Tracking:

– Automatic GPS tracking captures every driven mile as you go.
– Option for manual trip entry when needed, providing flexibility and accuracy.

Instant Notifications:

– Get reminders to add your monthly odometer readings for enhanced accuracy.

Perfect Sync with Dashboard:

– Seamlessly syncs with the MileageWise Dashboard, keeping your data up-to-date across all devices, while enabling you to overview your trips on your PC.

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MileageWise Dashboard:
Your Command Center

Comprehensive Trip Management:

– Add, edit, and delete trips with ease.
– Use special tools for fine-tuning your logs, like adding recurring trips or manually modifying your trip distances.

Advanced Analytics and Reports:

– Generate detailed reports that provide insights into your driving patterns, savings, and expenses.

Unparalleled Retrospective Mileage Log Creation:

– Import your Google Maps Timeline data into MileageWise and turn it into accurate mileage logs. This integration guarantees that all your retrieved trips from your Timeline are converted into IRS-compliant mileage logs.

Is your Google Timeline data missing?

No problem! Our advanced AI Recommendation Wizard can create your retrospective mileage logs even without Google Timeline. By analyzing your data and driving patterns, the AI Wizard suggests trips and fills in the gaps, ensuring you have complete and audit-proof logs.

As you can see, MileageWise is an essential resource for businesses and individuals aiming to maintain accurate, IRS-compliant mileage logs. With its smart recommendation feature, user-friendly design, and cloud-based accessibility, MileageWise simplifies the mileage tracking process, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important: your business. Invest in MileageWise now to protect your tax deductions and stay in compliance with IRS regulations.