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The odometer reading calculator function helps with creating retrospective mileage logs. The function allows you to calculate the end-of-month odometer reading for selected months within a larger time period (for example, a whole year). By specifying the refuelled amount in each month, the end-of-month odometer readings will also be proportional to the amount of trips (miles) you can make based on the amount of fuel you have filled up.

You can find the Odometer Reading Calculator function under the Basic data menu.

mileage log odometer reading calculator

In the middle of the interface, select the vehicle for which you want to calculate the odometer readings.

mileagewise odometer reading calculator

The calculator can only be used for a period for which you have not yet recorded an end-of-month odometer reading, refuelling or fixed-trip odometer reading for the car in question.

mileage log odometer reading

In the top row enter the starting and closing odometer readings, and then use the two date selectors to choose the start and end date of the period for which the odometer readings were recorded.

odometer reading for mileage log

If the starting and closing odometer readings are correct, continue by entering the data for the monthly refuelled quantities.

mileage calculator

Input the total monthly refuelled amounts for each month.

calculate odometer readings

Once you have recorded the refuelled amounts for the period, click on Calculate odometer readings. The program will then calculate the closing odometer reading for each month in proportion to the monthly refuelling quantities.

This means that if you refuel at roughly the same rate each month, your monthly mileage logged will increase in equal proportions from the starting odometer reading on the first day of the selected period to the closing odometer reading on the last day of the selected period. However, if the refuelled quantities differ more profoundly between months, the miles logged will also vary in the same proportion.

calculate my odometer readings

If you are satisfied with the calculated values, click the save button. You will then see the end-of-month odometer readings you have just added in the Odometer reading details field found within the Monthly Trips menu.

mileage log odometer readings



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