Would Your Mileage Log Stand Up To an IRS Audit? Let Us Prepare Them for an IRS-Proof Result!

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  • If you have a personal car, don’t miss out on claiming the business miles you drove with it! Get tax returns on it with our help!
  • If you are a freelancer or a busy small business owner, leave it to our experts to keep track of your mileage. Save time, get more accurate logs!
  • If you’re looking forward to getting reimbursed by your company, outsource the task to us. Get a ready-to-hand-in log at the end of the month!
  • If you’re a rideshare driver, who keeps multiple semifinished, deficient logs, hand them to our experts! They will sort everything out for you. The result will be perfect, IRS-proof documents at the end of the tax year, meeting every expectation!
  • You’re an accountant and you have too many clients asking you to keep track of their mileage log? They’re asking you to create their mileage log based on messy Excel spreadsheets? Maybe based on a few refueling receipts? We can help you with that!

Mileage log experts at your service:

Trust us with creating order from the chaos!

We’re dealing exclusively with mileage logging, which makes us unique in this industry. In Europe and the USA with our mileage log web dashboard and app we created IRS-proof mileage logs for 17318 cars of 8525 companies since 2005!

From daily feedbacks, we noticed that many people are too busy to keep a contemporaneous mileage log, that the IRS requires. Even though they know they could claim a tax return on the business use of their car. Contemporaneous means a recording at or near the time of the trip. 

We designed our mileage log web dashboard and app with the sole purpose in mind to create IRS-proof mileage logs. Our experts will be able to deliver them on a monthly basis instead of the client and if in need of a retrospective log, that can be easily done too. Before handing it over, we check 70 logical conflicts in the mileage logs!

The secret of this service is that you can connect almost any system capable of integration to our mileage log web dashboard:

  • our or others’ mileage tracker app,
  • your billing or accounting software,
  • your built-in GPS devices,
  • your CRM system,
  • your refueling receipts,
  • and many other more.

Of course, you can give us your data from other sources, no problem.

Why would you rely on someone who does not know how to create your logs? We do it with professionalism, joy, and enthusiasm because we love our job and we know how to create reliable, IRS-compliant reports!

–  “But what does the IRS have to say about this?”

It’s just like handing over your mileage logs to your secretary or accountant. We, a professional service, will provide you with a mileage log draft (like your tax return draft). You can review it and then print it out if you’re 100% satisfied with it. More and more people are relying on us to digitize their existing mileage logs not made with our program, or to verify their log by checking them with our 70 logical algorithms just before an IRS Audit… these logs need to be corrected 90% of the time. So we save our clients from paying a significant amount of money in the form of a penalty. 🙂

According to Publication 463 of the IRS of course the best documentary evidence of a business expense is a record kept at or near the time of the expense. However, as it may not always be realistic to keep a record at or near the time of the expense, later recorded documentary evidence is also acceptable if it is in the IRS-required format and the data is clearly supporting the claimed expenses.

Therefore, the key determinant of a record’s legality and compliance is not the time when it was created but the legality and reality of its content. To reconstruct a mileage log is a possibility and an opportunity for all, who claimed business mileage deduction in the past but did not provide sufficient documentary evidence.

When audited, the IRS can ask for a mileage log of the audited year and it will primarily and only will investigate its content and compliance with the requirements of the IRS.

Fill out the application form below and we will get back to you. You can be sure the return will be three times that of your investment, if not more.

While you’re deciding, get to know our mileage log software!

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