Past Odometer Reading Calculator

Calculate your past odometer readings


If the IRS audits you for mileage or for any other reason you have to know your past odometer readings.

To create a retrospective mileage log, use the odometer reading calculator to calculate how much the odometer reading could have been at certain refuelings / chargings and at the end of the month!

Before you get started, you’ll need some information:

  • the starting odometer reading of your vehicle,
  • the current odometer reading of your vehicle,
  • approximate fuel consumption of your vehicle,
  • the date of your refuelings / chargings,
  • amount of fuel refueled per refueling / charging.

Without this information, you will not be able to calculate accurate odometer readings at certain refuelings / chargings with or without our calculator. And without accurate odometer readings, your mileage logs will be inaccurate, so we recommend that you take the time to gather the data!

Tip: You can find information about the odometer readings recorded during a service visit or vehicle inspection by checking your vehicle’s history if you know its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) here.

The finished document will look like this:

Click on the image to see the full document.