Built-in map – with mass distance calculation

Just record or import your partners from Excel (even if a few of them are in the middle of a forest)! At the touch of a button, all your partner distances will be calculated together at once!

IRS-proof mileage log - MileageWise

  • There is no limit to the number of partners you can add or import. The distance calculation from every point to every point will be available within 1 second! (as MileageWise creates a database similar to the distance matrix table at the beginning of paper road maps, only ours shows distances from door to door)
  • Based on the list, the map shows the location of the partners
  • Built-in modern USA Map (OpenStreetMap), mass distance calculation between any two American partners
  • You can import your partners from an Excel spreadsheet besides the manual or automatic tracking
  • Override or store the distances calculated by the map
  • You can calculate the distance to unaddressed locations¬†too
  • The daily route is displayed on the map in the order and number of visits
  • Find a new partner or Filling station, search for any POI by entering a business name, address or GPS coordinate, or by dropping the pin down on the map – just as you would do it when using Google Maps
  • It calculates the ideal distance which will best suit your desired mileage log and is IRS-proof
  • This can also be complemented by a mileage tracker application!

MileageWise mass distance calculation

The view of the entire US

MileageWise mass distance calculation

A zoom-in to Austin (you can zoom in to any city)

MileageWise mass distance calculation

Zoom-in to a street in Austin (you can zoom in to any city street the same way)

Built-in 3d map

Zoom-in to a street in Austin in 3D display (you can zoom in to any city street the same way)

Map mileage log

Zoom-in to a rural street section (you can zoom in to any rural area the same way)