Free mileage logs with Google Timeline?

July 28, 2021

Google Maps Timeline promises to provide a free way of trip tracking. Most people, however, will soon realize that they have to put a lot of extra work, time, and energy into the process by editing their trips in Excel later if they want a legal document at the end of each month.

Google Timeline shows you what places you’ve probably visited or taken based on your location history, but you can also manually record places you’ve visited directly in the timeline.

This seems a good enough method for tracking your trips if you have to keep a mileage log, as you don’t have to remember at the end of the day where you went and you don’t even have to calculate the distances. However, a mileage log created with the help of Google Timeline also has technical and legal pitfalls, which means if you want a legal and IRS-Proof end result, you have to put a lot of extra work into your mileage logs.

Technical deficiencies

  • Location history and positioning must be turned on at all times, which drains your phone’s battery.
  • If location history has not been turned on in previous periods, you will not be able to retrospectively recreate your mileage log.
  • The Google Timeline app is device-specific: it uses your phone’s GPS data, the accuracy and availability of which may vary from device to device. For example, in a tunnel, in a garage, the signal may be interrupted.
  • The places you visit may not be shown with the right address details. You may need to merge or even separate trips, which is again, means extra work.

Required mileage log items are missing that you will need to replace later

  • You need to identify and name your clients.
  • You need to categorize your trips as personal or business.
  • You must assign a trip purpose to each trip.
  • You must provide the location, time, amount of fuel, price,
  • As well as odometer readings.

Google Timeline

More and more people contact us with the fact that their Google Timeline and Excel mileage logs involve too much extra touch-up work and a lot of hassle, so they are looking for a simpler solution.

With the convenience of automatic mileage logging, you can create accurate and IRS-Proof mileage logs with the MileageWise Web Dashboard and Mileage Trakcer App!

The automatic recording of the MileageWise Mileage Tracker does not continuously use the GPS of your device, it only records the arrivals that are needed for your mileage log. It doesn’t drain your phone’s battery and data, and you’re not constantly monitored. You can also record your refueling and end-of-month odometer reading data in the mobile app.

At the end of the month, all you have to do is enter the names of the newly automatically recorded clients, and the categorization and assignment of trip purposes will be done for you. You can add or modify your recorded trips on your computer as needed, and then print your IRS-Proof mileage log.

And with the help of the intelligent AdWise feature, you can easily make up for your missing mileage logs!

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