Create Your Clients’ Mileage Log with Ease

Client troubles?

Does piecing together your clients’ mileage logs feel like torture? Reconstructing trips from ad-hoc documents (e.g. because of an IRS audit) is like trying to fulfill Mission Impossible. Not to mention, trying to meet their expectations: absurd amounts of deduction claims without any actual evidence…

IRS Mileage Log Requirements
Mileage IRS Audit

Doable, but at what cost?

Keeping your clients’ mileage logs on paper or with traditional mileage logging software/Excel sheets/templates/samples can take up a tremendous amount of your time for a task that your clients often consider a self-evident part of your job. No extra compensation. Not to mention, working based on information received from another person always holds the possibility of errors and an IRS audit.

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Your clients can track their trips on the go with our Mileage Tracker App and/or use our Web Dashboard on their computer and they can share their dashboard, so you can follow, review, and print their mileage log at the end of the month. No more begging for documentation. Plus, you can reconstruct their past logs with the help of the AdWise feature making supporting retrospective mileage claims possible!

MileageWise mileage Log IRS-proof mileage log creator3
Mileage log irs proof

MileageWIse for Peace of Mind

We designed our software with the sole purpose of guaranteeing IRS-proof results and a stress-free mileage logging experience! The built-in IRS auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts before you print your log. The AdWise technology will give you recommendations for your missing trips. Just set a few parameters, and MileageWise will fill in the gaps in your IRS-proof mileage logs quickly!

Too many clients, too little time?

If you have too many Clients and Not Enough Time to do their Mileage Logs, consider handing the task to our Colleagues. The MileageWise Team will prepare your Clients’ ongoing Recommended IRS-proof Mileage Logs, which we will pass over to You Every month and will even do Retrospectively. Less stress and More Time for You!

How to prove mileage to IRS?