Built-in IRS Auditor in the Software

Are you paying attention to these common mistakes in your mileage log?

  • Did you drive more miles between two refuelings than it is possible with the amount of gas in your tank?
  • Did you record your odometer readings?
  • Do the odometer readings equal the number of miles you’ve driven?
  • Have you started your car in the morning where you parked it in the evening according to your mileage log?
  • If someone were to calculate your mileage using only the data provided by your gas receipts would that number be consistent with the mileage you’ve recorded in your mileage log?
  • Are the tracked distances between your partners realistic?
  • Do you record unusually long trips?
  • For example: did you refuel in Dallas but stayed in Las Vegas?
  • Have you calculated with standard mileage rates issued by the IRS yearly?
  • Would your average speed based on the sum of your daily driven miles be lifelike?

You can make an improper mileage log if you don’t know what to look for when recording your log. You don’t know what mistakes you are making or you simply ignore those mistakes, hoping nobody would discover them anyway.

Unfortunately, these errors listed above are so easy to spot that even a beginner IRS auditor can notice all of them. What would happen in the case of a thorough inspection?

There’s a solution!

With our unique AdWise technology you can get a recommendation for your forgotten trips, and before we let you finalize your monthly mileage log, we’ll investigate (just like a real-life IRS Auditor would) a total of 70 logical conflicts¬†including the above-mentioned ones to make sure your mileage log is IRS-proof! These functions are real life savers when retrospectively reconstructing your mileage logs, as the software can complete even hopelessly deficient mileage logs quickly. Meeting every expectation.

You do not have to give up on claiming tax return on your car expenses!

We packed our experience of 15 years and 17318 vehicles into these features, specifically to provide you with the fastest and most stress-free mileage logging experience possible. We also ensure your mileage log is error-free so you will be rewarded multiple times for choosing MileageWise!

Moreover, if the web dashboard and the app are not enough, save your time and have our experts prepare your IRS-proof mileage log draft, which we will deliver every month on time, guaranteeing that the outcome will withstand any audit.