Rideshare Drivers’ Mileage Log

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Fragmented mileage logs?

If you work for Multiple Providers of Platforms (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc) you will be left with Fragmented Mileage Logs. That means that you cannot account for all the mileage you drove for Business and you will lose Money! Plus, Your Mileage log won’t be IRS-compliant which will get you Fined by the IRS.

IRS Mileage Log Requirements
IRS Audit

A Fine is 50% of your Yearly Income!

The IRS can access ALL of your Business Data: Refueling receipts, Business Expense Proofs, Odometer readings recorded at a Car mechanic or during Vehicle safety inspections, Traffic cams, Toll fees, etc. Your mileage log has to correspond to these. Don’t round up Numbers, don’t just guess Trips!

MileageWise to the rescue

You can log your Mileage with the MileageWise Mileage Tracker App simultaneously with the other apps that you use, or you can Import your Already Existing Mileage Logs into the Web Dashboard, where the AdWise feature gives you an Automatic Recommendation for the Gaps.

MileageWise mileage Log IRS-proof mileage log creator3
Go with the wisest solution


In the process, the Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts for you so your final MileageWise mileage log will be flawless and IRS-proof! Take Advantage of our 14-Day Free Trial Period, Try ALL of our Unique Features! By saving Yourself from the Consequences of Inaccurate Mileage Logs, MileageWise becomes the cheapest solution on the Mileage Log Market.