Recreating Mileage Logs

What if I didn't keep track of my mileage?

Let’s face it: mastering how to keep track of mileage for taxes is tough. Or at least, it can be when you’re simply using a free mileage template or trudging away in Excel. The thing is though: MileageWise has you covered. If you’re already in trouble, and you’d rather not even worry about setting up retrospective logs, you can go directly through one of our logging experts – they can prepare your logs for you – all we need is some data about your odometer readings and frequented locations.

man in car filling out mileage log
IRS audit mileage


Many people worry about the IRS’s penalties in this regard, which is why “mileage log IRS did not accept” is such a common Google search. Unfortunately, that worry is very much a legitimate thing – a penalty from the IRS is either $1,000 or as much as 50% of your income! The IRS uses whatever figure turns out to be the greater amount. All of this means one thing: you’ve got to stay on top of your logs, no matter what.

In need of retrospective logs?

Have you already claimed tax deductions on your business mileage while not having adequate mileage records? Are you trying to figure out how to prove mileage to the IRS? Semi-finished logs that don’t account for your total mileage can be problematic – especially when the IRS comes knocking. With MileageWise’s software you can reconstruct your prior mileage with ease – just use our web dashboard.

IRS Mileage Log Requirements
Mileage IRS Audit

No detail is too small

When you need a mileage tracker for tax purposes, you have to have all the data. You need software you can rely on and logs that function perfectly as IRS mileage log templates. Our app records all the details – presenting you with potential tax deductions on the fly. We have 3+1 auto-tracking modes: Vehicle movement monitoring, Bluetooth, and Plug’N’Go. Let the tracking begin.


MileageWise retrospectively monitors the applicable law and regulations in place, and with our AI-based AdWise technology you can get a recommendation for your missing trips. Our software also checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts before allowing you to print a log, which means that when you do print your mileage logs – you know they are 100% IRS-proof.

Mileage log irs proof
Mileage log solution


As stated in IRS’s Publication 463, documentary evidence recorded retrospectively is legally acceptable and we’ve made the process so easy that you won’t procrastinate or worry about how to track business miles anymore. Nor will you have to worry about how to prove mileage to the IRS. We’ll help you backtrack your mileage logs – just get in touch or download our app through the App Store or Google Play.