Mileage Log for IRS Audit 2022

Are You Being Audited For Mileage?

Did you receive a 30 Day Audit Letter from the IRS regarding your Mileage Tax Return? You don’t have Supporting Evidence or you handed in “homemade” Mileage Log Templates that are not sufficient? An IRS audit without Mileage Log or with missing documents can be a real headache, but We’ve Got You Covered.

What happens at an IRS audit?

When you are being Audited by IRS for Mileage, the IRS contacts you primarily by Mail, to which you have 30 days to respond. If the IRS did not accept the Mileage Log you had handed in, you need to get your paperwork ready. Whether you’re a Small Business Owner, Self-Employed or the car is for Personal Use, you will have to come up with an IRS-proof Mileage Log that matches your Deduction.

IRS Audit
IRS Mileage Log Requirements

The Devil is In The Details

Would your Mileage log Excel Sheets / Templates / Samples / Paper Logs hold up during your Audit? Handing in Inaccurate Mileage logs may result in a Fine worth 50% of your Yearly Income! According to the average Business Miles Claimed on Taxes, this amount can be huge.

Time Is Of The Essence

You need supporting IRS-Proof Mileage Logs for both the Standard Mileage Method and the Actual Expense Method to claim a Vehicle Deduction. If your Claim is Audited, the IRS will expect you to have precise Mileage logs. It’s worth the effort, though: The Average Mileage Deduction Claimed is $12,000 for a year for MileageWise Users!

Go with the wisest solution
How to prove mileage to IRS?

How To Prove Mileage To IRS?

Whether you have a lost or incomplete Mileage Log, MileageWise is your Go-To Software. It Retrospectively Monitors the Applicable Law and Regulations in place to help you Reconstruct your past trips to create a Flawless Online Mileage Log. Moreover, it takes only 7 minutes / month. Get the most out of your Income Tax Savings with us!

“Are MileageWise Logs IRS-Proof?”

Our AI-based AdWise Technology gives you Recommendations for your forgotten trips and Auto-populate them into your log. The Software’s Built-In IRS Auditor Checks and Corrects 70 Logical Conflicts before printing, to ensure that your Mileage Log meets all of the IRS Mileage Log Requirements.

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