Mileage Log for IRS Audit

Are you being audited by the IRS for mileage?


You need a mileage log, whether you use the standard mileage allowance method or the actual expense method to claim a car deduction. If your deduction is ever audited, the IRS will expect you to have one.

Did you receive an Audit Letter by mail containing the following passages:
irs audit
You don’t have receipts or you barely have anything?

Did you hand in something (bills, receipts, etc) but that wasn’t enough proof?

Are you running out of time?

Now, you have 2 options if you want IRS-proof mileage logs:

1. Reconstruct your missing past mileage logs with MileageWise!

2. Outsource the task to Mileage Log Experts, even with a tight deadline!