FreshBooks for accounting

After printing your IRS-Proof Mileage Log, you can upload your log in PDF format to your FreshBooks account. Having done that, it will be instantly transferred to the Expenses tab of FreshBooks.

Excel for client import

If you have an Excel spreadsheet of your clients from any software, you can quickly upload it in the Client Import menu of the MileageWise Web Dashboard. The imported clients will instantly appear in your client database.

Excel for trip import

Turn your “handcrafted” or GPS-recorded Excel sheet into an IRS-proof Mileage Log that meets every expectation by importing it into MileageWise Web Dashboard.

Volvo Cars application

Your trips are recorded by GPS in your Volvo Cars mobile app. By importing them into MileageWise Web Dashboard, you can create an IRS-proof Mileage Log that meets every expectation.

Waze navigation & mileage logging

Mileage logging and navigation at the touch of a button. Select a Client from the Client list, click the Waze button, and you’re good to go! Your mileage logging and route planning will also be resolved. In addition, MileageWise software can process the Waze log files as well.

Google Timeline for Trip Import

Google Timeline stores your trips recorded in the background in  Location History – and you can use these trips to create an IRS-compliant mileage log in MileageWise with just a few quick steps.