Recording trips with the Mileage Tracker App manually

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In the mobile app for iOS and Android, you can pin down which of your partners you are at, on the Current position page. In the Selected vehicle menu, you can specify which vehicle you are using at the moment and for which vehicle you would like to record your trips. You can add vehicles in the Web Dashboard.

Your current position shows you where you are on the map.

If you would like to record a different address than you currently are at, you can use Google search on the map then place the marker on the point you would like to record as the trip’s address. Clicking on the + sign will add a new partner, just like in the Web Dashboard.


If you want to add a forgotten trip retrospectively to a different day, you can change the date by clicking on the Day of the visit field. Please note, that you can only add extra trips to the current month, but not to any of the previous months.

Then select which partner you have arrived at. The app, by default, will recommend the partner that you are closest to. The data of this partner will be automatically filled in in the Drives menu. You just need to push the + sign to record the visit.

If you would like to choose a different partner, you can pick which partner you are visiting using the list of nearby partners. You can also add a new partner here with the + button.

If no partner is found within this range, the app will automatically record the location as an unknown partner and the partner’s name will automatically be filled with the name of the location. The name can be changed later either from the Trips menu in the Mobile App or the Web Dashboard.


If necessary, you can also change the purpose of your trip by clicking the Purpose of the trip field. Here you can choose from already entered purposes or add a new one with the + button.


You can record the trip by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen. The trip will immediately be visible under the Fixed trips / Mobile app menu on the web dashboard under Monthly trips.

Click on the button on the upper right to set the end-of-month odometer reading.

If you use Waze, and integrate your trips, you don’t have to record your trips separately. The recording is done by Waze, together with the trip planning. Mileagewise does not calculate distances based on data provided by Waze, but does it based on the program, software’s own data.

You can see the recorded trips and your daily mileage in the Fixed trips section as you can see in the picture below.

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