MileageWise for Teams

Get your team together (e.g. your accountant or employee) with an easy-to-understand, shared platform! This is your most important tool, especially when it comes to the obligation of mileage logging.

Shared web dashboard

MileageWise’s user management allows multiple users to work on a single interface. User management is also a solution if you want to share your dashboard with your accountant or colleagues. As work can be more efficient this way. For example, your colleagues track their mileage, and your accountant summarizes and prints the mileage logs out at the end of the month.

Access management

Assigning roles ensures that everyone performs the tasks appropriate to their position and is not disrupted by unnecessary information and functions.

  • Pairing vehicles and users

You can assign certain users to work with certain vehicles only. You can assign multiple users to one vehicle, or you can assign one user to manage multiple vehicles. The user will only see the vehicle(s) s/he has access to.

  • Assign “Mobile app only” roles

You can set “only app accesses” to users so they can log in to their accounts and the vehicles assigned to them only via their phones. These users can only track their trips in the mileage tracker app, and the administrator or accountant will finalize their mileage log on the shared dashboard for them.

As an administrator, you will have access to all information and data. You can see the information your colleagues have uploaded, and decide what information users in your shared dashboard have access to. It is also possible for each user to work in a separate, private account that no one else can see.