About the User management feature

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About the User management feature


You can use your MileageWise account with multiple users.

This is useful if you have more people using MileageWise within your company. If you have more vehicles within your company and different employees are in charge of recording and finalizing different vehicles’ mileage logs, or if you would like to share your account with your colleagues or accountant.

With the new user management feature, you can add users to access your MileageWise account and record data, as well as create mileage logs. You can set specific users to access your account only through the mobile app. You can deny users access to the account by deactivating them. You can delete them permanently as well.
As the main user, the one who originally created the account, your assigned role is Administrator. Only the Administrator or Manager can change and delete the access of another user.

For multiple users, as an Administrator or Manager, you need to set which users have access to which vehicle, who can record and modify a particular vehicle’s monthly trip data, pair vehicles with clients, or set up recurring daily trips. Only the Administrator or Manager can add, modify, or delete a vehicle.

Users only see the vehicles they have access to, but all users see all clients. With the vehicle-client pairing you can narrow this down, by pairing the vehicles with specific clients that they’ll have access to, this will rule out any possibility of users getting in each other’s way.

MileageWise offers two options for user management, depending on your needs:

  • With the user management feature, the Administrator creates one account to which they add other users and give them permission to manage specific vehicles. In this case, each user will see all the clients in the account. The biggest benefit of this solution is that a central person can oversee operations, monitor the users’ administration, and easily manage to replace staff members in the system, among other things.
  • If the fact that all users can see all clients is a problem (e.g. due to privacy reasons), employees using MileageWise can register individually, creating their own MileageWise account. In this case, each member of staff will only see their own data (vehicles, clients). We will handle the users’ accounts as one subscription. As an Administrator, you can continue to overview your subscription data on your profile page, including the start and end date of your subscription and the number of your subscribed vehicles. More on how to check your subscription data here.

Any combination from below may be used:

  • everyone works from one account
  • some employees work in one account, others work separately
  • everyone works in separate accounts

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