Adding Fixed trips in Calendar view

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If you go in to the Fixed trips / Mobile app menu and set it to Calendar view you will see which days you have previously marked as days-off on the Workdays / Days-off menu, and the previously recorded refuelings / chargings are also displayed here.

Here you can add the trips that you would surely like to include in your mileage log.

Previously recorded refuelings / chargings are also displayed. Later on, you’ll also be able to see trips recorded in the mileage tracker app and your Recurring daily trips here. (If you entered a mid-month day when recording your monthly starting odometer reading the calendar will not show the earlier days of the month.)

Double-click on the day for which you want to record a trip.

Click on the symbol on the left side of the detail window! The point set in the Default daily departure / arrival field in the Vehicles menu will be filled in automatically as both the first and last visited point of the day. Fixed refuelings / chargings also appear here. If your last destination was not the Default daily departure / arrival point for the previous day, then the last point that you have recorded for the previous day will be the first partner of the next day. Select the partner you want to add from the drop-down menu. You can add a new partner with the (Add new partner) option. To narrow down the list of results, start typing your partner’s name!

This way, the partner is added to the partner list, and the trip purpose will also be displayed. You can select another trip purpose by clicking on the trip purpose field (or moving on with the tab key). You are also able to add new trip purposes different from the default trip purposes! You can set trip purposes as business or personal trip purposes. Pay attention, this will determine whether the program counts this trip as a business or personal trip when visiting (and leaving) a given point!

Refueling / charging is a neutral trip purpose.

This means that if you record a refueling / charging for a given day, the business or personal purpose of refueling / charging will be determined by the destination before and after it. If both before and after trips are business trips the refueling / charging will be a business trip as well. If the before or after trips are personal ones, the refueling / charging will be a personal trip as well. (According to relevant legislations, starting from a personal partner and arriving at a personal partner must always be considered a personal trip.)If you want to record additional partners, you can open a new line under the previous one and select the appropriate partner by clicking on the  sign (or moving on with the tab key).

With the button, you can insert a new row below or above an existing one in the list, and you can rearrange the order of the partners by clicking on the button. You can delete a row by clicking on the icon. When picking up a new vehicle, delete the default daily departure / arrival point from the beginning of the day of the takeover, and if you’re away on a business trip for more than a day, delete the default daily departure / arrival point at the beginning and end of the day for all of the days you were away.

Once you have completed each visit, click Save!
You can also choose to select a new day by  clicking here  choosing the desired date. Or use the button to go to the previous day or the button to go to the next day, when doing so the entered data will be saved automatically, you do not need to click the Save button!

In the Calendar view of Fixed trips, you can then see which days you have recorded trips for so far.

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