TOP 5 MileageWise Mileage Tracker App features

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The MileageWise web dashboard, complemented by the Mileage Tracker App, is a mileage log software. With the iOS or Android app, you can record your trips at the touch of a button or track your trips fully automatically.

Let us show you how MileageWise is a unique mobile application that makes it easy to track your trips and why you should start using it as well!

Get to know the most popular 5 + 1 features of the MileageWise Mileage Tracker App!

  • Multiple tracking options – With our Car Bluetooth and Phone charge monitoring tracking options your mileage log can be created automatically, while we use your data and battery to the minimum amount possible.

  • “I have arrived at this partner” – upon arrival at your destination you can record the trip at the touch of a button if that partner is in your partner list (partners previously recorded in the app or web dashboard). By opening the MileageWise Mileage Tracker App, the app will automatically offer you the partner closest to your current position, so all you have to do is clicking on the  button to record your visit.

  • Record your partners easily !By listing nearby companies, saving a new partner to the partner list can be done with just a touch of a button. If your current destination is not in your partner database, you can add it as a new partner, also with the touch of a button. On the Drives screen, select Current position, and then click the icon. The map shows nearby businesses, from which you can easily select the one you have arrived at.


  • You can easily and quickly add your partners to your Partner list by searching for the company name or address by clicking on the magnifying glass icon!


  • MileageWise warns you to enter the end-of-month odometer reading, which you can do in the Mileage Tracker App, the change will appear when you log on to the web dashboard as well. Click on the  icon, then use the + button to record the end-of-month odometer reading.


  • You can record your refuelings / chargings in no time as well! Once you’re done refueling / charging, open the app, click the button and the app will navigate you to the section where you can enter your refueling / charging information!


Our +1 favorite feature is the Waze app integration. If you select the partner you want to visit in the MileageWise Mileage Tracker App at the departure location, pressing the Waze button will pre-record the trip (so you don’t have to record it upon arrival) and open the Waze app, which will plan your trip.

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