User-vehicle pairing setup

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For multiple users, as an Administrator or Manager, you need to set up which users can work with which vehicle. Who can record and modify a particular vehicle’s monthly trips data, pair vehicles with clients, or set up the recurring daily trips.

Only users with the Administrator or Manager role can add, modify, or delete a vehicle (the user who created the shared account).

The Administrator and Manager has the authority to manage each vehicle, which cannot be changed.

After adding a new user, by default, the new user will not have permission to operate any vehicle and will not see them in the system. Once the authorization is set, the new user will only see the vehicle(s) he/she is entitled to.

After inviting a new user, as an Administrator or Manager, you don’t have to wait for them to activate their account by creating a password. We recommend you to assign the new users to the vehicle(s) they will have access to right after sending out the invitation email.

You can set the permissions in the Vehicles menu in the bottom right corner.

If you have not yet added the vehicle that you would like to pair you new user with, click Add. You can get help with adding a new vehicle by clicking here.

If you have previously added the vehicle with which you would like to pair up your new user, select the first button at the top of the options, and click Modify. Or in the menu that opens when you click on the selected vehicle with the right button of your mouse, click Edit monthly trip managing users.

In both cases, the same pop-up window will appear, but the name will be different (Add new vehicle or Modify vehicle). Select the   icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Then use the checkbox at the beginning of the row to select which users will be paired with the vehicle. You can assign multiple users to one vehicle, and vice versa, one user may be authorized to manage multiple vehicles.

After setting up, click the Save and back button and then the Save button in the vehicle editing window.

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