Deleting users

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Only the Administrator or Manager, who created the account, can delete a user.

Deleting a user is permanent and irreversible, but the data they’ve created will be accessible to the Administrator and other users who have permission to access and/or modify their data, even after the deletion of the user.

Click on Profile at the top right:

profile menu

In the User management menu, you can delete the user of your choosing.

MileageWise user management

Hover over the user’s name you would like to delete. Right-click and select Delete.

user management in MileageWise

Or select Delete via the top right menu.

deleting a MileageWise user

In the window that opens, enter the full name of the user and click Delete to permanently delete her/him.

deleting user in mileage tracking software

You can also delete the user using the  icon in the Modifying user window.

modifying user in the web dashboard


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