Signing in as a new user

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You will receive the following email when invited to your MileageWise company account. If you have any questions about the invitation, you can contact your company’s Administrator by replying to this email.

Click the Confirm and Login button. Then, on the page that opens, enter your password and click on the Login button. You can do this process on your desktop browser or on your cell phone too.

If your Administrator has granted you access only to the mobile app, you will receive the following message in your desktop browser. Download our mileage tracker app and sign in there!

If you also have access to the web dashboard, you must first select the vehicle and the time period.

Then you can use the web dashboard.

If your Administrator has not given you permission to operate any of the vehicles, the following screen will appear after you log in. Contact the Administrator! More about vehicle-user pairing here!

The next time you use your browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or Edge) you can log in to with your email address and the password you entered earlier in the signing in process.

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