Required documents & data required for an accurate mileage log

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Required documents & data required for an accurate mileage log


List of documents and data required:

  • Refueling / charging receipts
  • Odometer readings at refuelings / chargings
  • Trips before and after refuelings / chargings
  • Parking location details (e.g. receipts)
  • Vacation dates
  • Cash payment and/or wire transfer receipts that can show you where you were on that day
  • Service bills for the car that contain odometer readings at the time of service
  • Date and location of any possible fines
  • Odometer readings (it would be important to include the first and the current reading)

In the program, the menu layout is designed to guide the user.

You should go from top to bottom in the Basic data and Monthly trips tabs.


We advise you to enter the Basic data first, including the recurring daily trips.

After that, on the Monthly trips tab, enter the Starting odometer reading (if necessary), then your workdays and days off, and then refuelings / chargings.

Proceed with entering the fixed trips (i.e. record trips connected to the data of parking, speeding tickets, car-related bills, etc.) and then enter the end-of-month odometer reading.

If necessary, set your preferred parameters in the AI Wizard function settings, and following that, in the Trips tab, you can put the finishing touches on your mileage log.

If the entered and deductible distances match the IRS-proof mileage log is ready to be printed.

It’s important to know, that any entered monthly data can be edited or supplemented at any time, you can’t go wrong with MileageWise.

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