Preparation of a mileage log

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After you have recorded each visit, click on the Print IRS-proof mileage log button.
Then the program will run a check to see if all the data is entered correctly and if there are any logical conflicts.

When running the checks, the system automatically performs distance corrections.

If all is well, your mileage log will be prepared in accordance with the legal regulations!

mileage log printed
You can download and/or print the document directly from the top right of the page. You can save the document as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. You also have the option to upload your document directly to your Freshbooks account.

If the program finds an error during the checking process, it will let you know what the problem is and where to make the relevant changes. Click on the button at the bottom of the error message to navigate to the menu where you can fix the error.

For example, if your starting odometer reading is missing, you can click the Add odometer reading button at the bottom of the error message to go to the Starting odometer reading and date, where you can enter your odometer reading.

After correcting the errors, clicking on the Recheck button will jump you back to printing the IRS-proof mileage log  phase where the pre-print check will run again.

You can print your mileage log without correcting the warning(s) by clicking the Print anyway button.

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