Modifying and deleting trips in the Mileage Tracker App

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You can modify your recorded trips in the iOS and Android Mileage Tracker App by clicking on the  view.

In List view, simply click on one of the trips or click the calendar icon in the top left  to select the day you would like to edit.

By clicking on the selected trip, you are given five options; to modify client, modify trip, modify distance, change trip to refueling, and to delete the trip. You can make the necessary changes here, as described in the “Recording trips with the Mileage Tracker App” help article.

You can also change the order of the trips using the “Drag and drop” method. Keep your finger on the trip you would like to modify for a few seconds, and then, without lifting your finger, move it to the place of your choosing.

You can also change the order by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the Trips menu. When you press the button, the following icon appears instead of the arrow next to the trips: indicating that they can be moved by pressing down on the trip you want to move. When you have finished arranging the trips, you can return to the general view of the Trips by clicking on “Done” in the upper right corner.

To delete a previously recorded trip, click the “Delete” button that appears by swiping the row to the left.

Mileage tracker modify trips

You are able to change a trip to a refueling by clicking on the trip, clicking on Change trip to refueling, and then entering the required data.

By selecting “I wasn’t refueling this time”, you can save the trip without any refueling information.

Save it by clicking the checkmark on the top right.

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