Modifying a refueling / charging

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Modifying a refueling / charging


Note: Adding a refueling / charging is only necessary when using the Actual Expense Method. In case of using the Standard Mileage Rate, you only need to log your arrival at the gas / charging station (the trip itself), as you would with any other client / location.

In Calendar View

In the Calendar view, click the day where you want to change a refueling / charging. Or right-click and select Modify from the drop-down menu.

In List View

In List view, click on the pencil icon for the day you want to change!

Use the checkbox to select the refueling / charging you want to modify, click the red menu in the top right corner, and then click Modify.

After making the desired change(s), click the Modify button.

You can check the previously recorded odometer readings in a pop-up window by opening the top right Usefool tools and clicking Odometer readings details.

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