Importing fixed trips from Google Timeline

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Importing fixed trips from Google Timeline


Create Fixed Trips In Your Mileage Log From Your Google Timeline

(Maximum file size for each month is 20 MB)

General information about importing fixed trips

  • Even if your file contains trips for multiple months, you can only import one month at a time, make sure that you select the correct year and month within the system before starting the process. You can use the same document to import your trips separately for each month.
  • Only one import can run at a time, and do not edit the given period during the import process!
  • You can upload up to 500 fixed trips / month / file. You can upload as many files as you want.
  • IMPORTANT! Daily departure / arrival point does not have to be on the list since the software can identify the clients and the import can still be completed. The imported trips will be inserted between your daily departure and arrival points.
  • The program does not duplicate during the import process! So, if a client is already listed on a given day, it will not duplicate.
  • The software does not change the order of the imported trips, if there already are some recorded trips on a specific day, the imported trips will be added in after them. The order of the trips can be changed as needed after the import process has finished.
  • Days off and holidays are not taken into account during the import process. If you’ve specified certain days as days off, but the files contain trips for those days, the trips will still be added as fixed trips for those days.
  • For previously recorded refuelings / chargings, insert the imported trips after the refuelings / chargings. As this order may differ from the actual route, we recommend that you record the refuelings / chargings after importing.
  • Refuelings / chargings may be included in an import file based on GPS tracking. If this is recognized, we will indicate it in a comment in List view. These trips will not be imported, refuelings / chargings must be entered manually.
  • Clients visited in the import file are compared with existing clients. We can identify the client if the name and address details are the same or if the coordinates are close enough to an existing client (within 0.1 miles). If the client is not in the database, we add it as a new client. If new clients with the same name but different addresses are listed, we create new clients by numbering them differently.
  • In the case of an existing client identified in the client database, we will match it with the trip purpose already included in the database, regardless of what is listed in the import file.
  • If you use your MileageWise account with multiple users, all users except “mobile app” users can import fixed trips. Notification of successful import will be received by the Administrator.

Export your location history files via Google Takeout

1. Open Google Takeout

google takeout mileage log export

Open Google Takeout

2. Find and Select Location History -We recommend unchecking all boxes and then searching for Location History, make sure to only check this box.



3. Select JSON File Format to Export

google takeout mileage log json export

4. Choose a file type to compress (we recommend a ZIP file), export frequency, and destination on your computer – You will receive a download link to the email address associated with your Google Account (IMPORTANT! This email address is not necessarily the same as the one associated with your MileageWise account, the two are independent.)

google takeout mileage log export process

5. Right-click on the ZIP file in your folder and then click on ‘Extract All’. -The software will only take in unzipped/extracted files. 

Extra help for file extraction:



extracting JSON files

Check out our video that shows you how to convert your Google Timeline file into an IRS-compliant mileage log via MileageWise:


Here’s the complete walkthrough of the import process, step by step:

To import your fixed trips, go to the Trips tab under the Monthly trips menu, open Useful tools in the top right corner, and select Import fixed trips.

importing trips from google timeline

Select Google Timeline from the available data sources.

google timeline import

Select your desired vehicle and time period, then click on Next step.

MileageWise google timeline import

Select your file on your computer to upload (each file can be a maximum size of 20 MB).

google timeline to mileage log

Once the file has been recognized click on Upload file, next step.

google location history mileage log

The program will pair the columns automatically.

The import process may take 10-15 minutes, you will be notified via email. You can keep working within the system in the meanwhile.

how to make mileage log from google timeline

Clicking on the View current status button, a list of the fixed trips will be displayed, and in the upper fields, we will indicate where the process is: how many trips have been imported successfully, how many are in progress, and how many trips could not be imported.

google timeline import process

When the import process has finished, go back to the Trips tab via the Monthly trips menu to view your trips.

MileageWise monthly trips

If you have already recorded a refueling / charging on a given day, then the imported trips will be inserted after the refueling / charging:

refueling in daily trips of mileage log

Similarly, we insert imported trips under previously recorded fixed trips.


If needed, you can edit the days for which you have imported your fixed trips. Open the day in Calendar or List view. Imported trips are marked with the icon. You can delete trips individually, change the purpose of the trips, change the order of the trips, and add new fixed trips.

You can view the list of fixed trips created during the import. In the Useful tools menu in the upper right corner, select the List of the imported Fixed trips.

MileageWise list of imported trips

You can resize the window that opens, scroll through the uploaded fixed trips, and search for specific trips in the list.

list of imported fixed trips

You also have the option to delete all imported fixed trips at once. In the Useful tools menu, select Delete all imported trips.

deleting imported trips

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