How does MileageWise calculate distances?

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MileageWise will calculate the distances together at once, from each of your clients to each of your clients. The system calculates optimum routes that are the most ideal for your mileage log in order to for it be IRS-proof.

The distances calculated by the map can be overwritten for each trip by clicking on the calculated distance number for that trip.

If you would like to calculate with a different distance for a specific trip permanently in the future then you can set it with the Overwriting calculated distances feature. You can specify the distance between two specific clients (instead of the program’s calculated distances). You can read more about this in this article.

Even if you track all your trips during the month, there will most likely be some inconsistencies in miles. For example, due to parking or taking a different route then the “most optimal” route. If the difference is under a specific percentage MileageWise will automatically adjust it to the most optimal distance. However, it has to be low enough for the software to be able to correct it, without risking the IRS-proof nature of the mileage log. If you would like to, you can overwrite it yourself. From the Finalization of trips menu, select Monthly distance correction from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.


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