How do I record a refueling without all the required information for recording one

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If in the past you have refueled your Vehicle at a Gas / Filling station and you want that reflected in your Mileage log (miles driven to and from the Refueling / Charging station) but you don’t have or you do not want to add in the information that we ask for when recording a Refueling / Charging (Time, cost, quantity or Odometer reading of the  Refueling / Charging) your best option is to record it as a Client / Address visit.

We would advise you to set that Client / Address visit to Passive in the Client-vehicle pairing menu.

It is especially useful if you plan to use the AdWise feature.

Pro tip: If you want to claim the miles you drove to and from a Gas / Filling station as Business miles, make sure that you record a Business Client visit before and after the Gas / FillinG station visit.
Also, when adding in the Gas / Filling station as a Client / Address make sure the Trip purpose is set for Business.

To see how you can easily add in new Clients / Addresses please read this article.

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