$ 199.99

(16.66 /month /vehicle)

for 1 year

Automatic, IRS-Proof Past Mileage Log Creator Software.

Google Timeline Import

Built-In IRS Auditor feature on Your Side

Sampling / Recurring daily trips

Shared Dashboard for Teams

Automatic Mileage Tracker App

Secure Web Dashboard in the Cloud


$ 319.99

(13.33 /month /vehicle)

for 2 years

For Ongoing Tracking and Past Mileage Recovery.

ALL features from the BRONZE plan

+ Save $80 compared to BRONZE plan


$ 399.99

(11.11 /month /vehicle)

for 3 years

For Ongoing Tracking and Past Mileage Recovery.

ALL features from the BRONZE plan

+ Save $200 compared to BRONZE plan



$ 623.98

(51.99 /month /vehicle)

for 5 years

Mileage Log Tax Preparation Service with a Dedicated Expert

1. Initial Consultation and Data Collection

2. IRS-Proof Mileage Log Creation

3. Review, Approval and Download

+ Maximum Protection, Minimum Effort

+ Maximum Compliance, Zero Stress

+ Premium Time-Saver

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*You must choose Stripe payment in order to be able to use the installment payment option, which is possible via Afterpay or Affirm.

Don’t forget, your MileageWise Subscription is tax deductible as a business expense!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need one package per vehicle to create IRS-Proof mileage logs. If you’ve exchanged vehicles during the year but only use one at a time, a single package suffices. For multiple vehicles used interchangeably, a package for each is necessary. Each package supports unlimited users, adding flexibility for team usage.

Yes, our packages are designed for flexibility. You can select a start date for your package to reconstruct past logs or for ongoing tracking. For example, buying a BRONZE package in May and setting January 1st as the start date lets you catch up on past logs and continue tracking until the year’s end. For logging beyond 3+ years, please contact our sales team.

Yes, you can upgrade your package by paying the difference anytime before the end of the calendar year from your purchase date. After this period, to upgrade, you will need to buy a new package. Owning multiple packages simultaneously is also an option, ensuring you always have the coverage you need.

Yes, installment payments are available through Afterpay or Affirm, providing a flexible payment solution that fits your financial planning.
Simply visit their website to create an account and contact them for a consultation, during which they’ll run a financial background check, and then create a payment plan suitable for both parties.