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Integrate your Freshbooks account with MileageWise


The Freshbooks email address must be the same as the MileageWise email address. There are two ways to integrate the accounts; from the Freshbooks website and from within the MileageWise dashboard.

Steps for Freshbooks users with no MileageWise account

Step 1: Log into Freshbooks and open the features tab.

Step 2: Select Apps & Integrations.

Step 3: Search for “MileageWise“.

Step 4: Click on “Connect Now“.

Step 5: Click “Allow“.

You will be redirected to the MileageWise dashboard, meaning your accounts are connected.

Steps for users who already have both a Freshbooks and a MileageWise account

Step 1: Log into your MileageWise Dashboard and go to Print IRS-proof mileage log under Monthly trips.

Step 2: Click on the Freshbooks icon.

Step 3: Click on Connect.

Step 4: Click on Allow.

This will allow for a successful login, meaning your accounts are connected.

Once your accounts are connected you can send your monthly mileage log to Freshbooks via the Freshbooks icon, and you will find your mileage log in a PDF format under the expenses tab.




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