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Last updated on: January 6, 2022

When the IRS knocks on our door, or we realize that we forgot to keep contemporaneous mileage records for the year but now, at the end of the tax year, we would very much like to claim the deduction that comes after business mileage, the first thing we do is type mileage log generator into the search field.

It is a good first step and there are some solutions that promise to help you make up for your forgotten mileage in just minutes, but as the saying goes:

“If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.”

Which in this case really just means that if you use a free or cheaply priced mileage generator service what you will get at the end of the process is just an Excel spreadsheet. You can type in some trips and periods and then the program will multiply those trips as many times as you pre-set the program to do. We say Excel spreadsheets because these steps can actually be done in Excel. Generating a mileage log with these mileage log generators would require 10 to 20 clicks with your mouse and 10 minutes of manual work if you were to decide to do it for yourself in Excel.

Mileage log generator

The only thing these mileage log generator services do for you is transport a familiar (and quite simple) method to a new platform.

What these mileage log generators cannot do is pay attention to 70 logical conflicts in your mileage log, such as:

  • Check whether you drove more miles between two refuelings than it is possible with the amount of gas in your tank.
  • Check whether the odometer readings equal the number of miles you’ve driven.
  • Check whether you started your car in the morning where you parked it in the evening, as you have recorded it in your mileage log.
  • Check whether the tracked distances between your clients are realistic.

And 66 more.

If these logical conflicts are not checked, you can be sure that your mileage log will not be IRS-proof. These errors listed above are so easy to spot that even a beginner IRS auditor can notice all of them.

Fortunately for us, companies have noticed the demand on the market for smarter mileage log generators. One of the most important aspects of the new generation mileage log generators is to be smarter (might I say, wiser) than their predecessors.

With MileageWise’s unique AI-based AdWise technology you can get a recommendation for your forgotten trips, and before we let you finalize your monthly mileage log, the Built-In IRS Auditor will investigate a total of 70 logical conflicts including the above-mentioned ones to make sure your mileage log is IRS-proof! These functions are real lifesavers when retrospectively reconstructing your mileage logs, as the software can complete even hopelessly deficient mileage logs quickly. Meeting every expectation.

If you already use a mileage tracker app, you can import your already logged trips to MileageWise. MileageWise will surely handle them smarter by monitoring 70 logical conflicts when making you a recommended log of your taste.

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