AI-based AdWise feature for your forgotten trips

The Genius of our AI-based AdWise

All you need to do is put a few things into MileageWise’s web dashboard: a list of your clients, your current odometer reading, days you took off, and refueling receipts – the app does the rest! After you’ve entered your information, our software will create a recommendation by auto-populating your trips. For the most accurate results, this mileage log needs to be further edited. In the process, the Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects over 70 logical conflicts in your mileage log, just as if you had an IRS Auditor in your back pocket.

This feature had been tested extensively and hardened by the toughest tax authorities in Europe before we launch our application in America. Our software has stood countless tests, and was created purely to solve issues relating to missing or forgotten mileage.

We have helped protect thousands of customers staring down the barrel of an IRS audit, and none of our clients have ever been penalized.

NOTE: AdWise helps you create a mileage log draft that you can edit as you like. Print it and sign it once you’ve finalized your mileage log draft to your satisfaction.

AdWise is not just another random mileage log generator

We recommend this to those who haven’t tracked their trips for any reason and want to create their IRS-proof mileage logs retrospectively as quickly as possible, easily, accurately, and want to get over with the task quickly in the future too.

When the Clock is Ticking

If you have to create a mileage log in minutes for mileage reimbursement or tax deduction purposes – you need to maximize those benefits.

Don’t give up on your business mileage deductions, leaving money on the table. Achieve an 80-100% business use ratio, and claim all of your business miles today for deduction or mileage reimbursement while simultaneously protecting yourself from IRS Audits!

“What does the IRS have to say about this?”

According to Publication 463 of the IRS of course the best documentary evidence of a business expense is a record kept at or near the time of the expense. However, as it may not always be realistic to keep a record at or near the time of the expense, later recorded documentary evidence is also acceptable if it is in the IRS-required format and your data clearly supports the mileage expenses you claim..

Therefore, the key determinant of a record’s legality and compliance is not the time when it was created but the legality and reality of its content. To reconstruct a mileage log is a possibility and an opportunity for all, who claimed business mileage deductions in the past but did not provide sufficient documentary evidence.

When audited, the IRS can ask for a mileage log of the audited year and it will primarily and only will investigate its content and compliance with the requirements of the IRS.

These are the two easiest ways to create IRS-Proof Mileage Logs:

1. Reconstruct your missing past mileage logs with MileageWise.

2. MileageWise’s Concierge Service will take care of fixing your mileage log.

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