Keeping a mileage log has never been easier

July 26, 2019

MileageWise can bring fundamental changes for your business when it comes to claiming a tax deduction on your car expenses.

The complex administration is the number one reason that keeps people from maintaining a mileage log. But if you do not keep a mileage log you may not even realize that you have lost up to $5.600 per tax year.

Keeping a mileage log with the tools that were available earlier was indeed a demanding task. For logs recorded on paper and later transferred to Excel spreadsheets one had to calculate the distances between their clients one by one, trying to guess the missing odometer readings with complicated computations. You had to pay attention to the dates of vacations as well as at the end of the month. Finding out where the car was at certain previous dates and periods was an almost if not entirely impossible mission. In addition, the mileage log had to comply with the regulations as well.

All of this is fundamentally changed by MileageWise. Creating a mileage log in the web dashboard and app only takes 7 minutes a month.

You don’t have to spend hours with the administration anymore!

Those who use their personal vehicle for business purposes can get an average of $5.600 a year in tax deductions with a mileage log!

With the MileageWise app, you no longer have to worry at the end of the month about where you’ve been. Easily track your trips and fillings on the go. You only need to launch the app when you arrive at a particular location. The app recognizes which client you are at and you only need to approve it with the touch of a button!

However, MileageWise is much more than an application. Create your mileage log on your desktop, where many features help you to get things done quickly and easily:

  • With mass distance calculation, the built-in map will calculate the door-to-door distances between your clients
  • You can simplify the process of creating a log by setting up your recurring daily trips
  • With our unique AI Wizard feature, you can even retrospectively complete your log by recording your previous trips later in the month
  • The Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts, so your recommended mileage log will be IRS-proof and meet the expectations, without a doubt

With these innovative developments, mileage logging is child’s play. There’s no need to worry about running the administration anymore. Everybody can overcome this frightening obstacle and make their car-related business cost management economical!

Try MileageWise without obligation! The trial period is 30 days with full features. No credit card is needed.

If you do not want to deal with the administration at all, our mileage log experts will help you prepare it!