User management in MileageWise

Get your team together (e.g. your accountant or employee) with an easy-to-understand, shared platform! This is your most important tool, especially when it comes to the obligation of mileage logging.

With our User management feature, you can add users to access your MileageWise account and record data, as well as create mileage logs.

Our Shared Web Dashboard is an ideal solution for you if…

  • You have a company fleet and drivers have to make mileage logs for each car
  • You would like to share the details of your log with your accountant or colleagues for more efficient workflows. Your colleagues track their mileage, and your accountant summarizes and prints the mileage logs out at the end of the month.

Access management

Assigning roles ensures that everyone performs the tasks appropriate to their position and is not disrupted by unnecessary information and functions.

  • You have the option to set some users to access their account only through the mobile app. Choose this solution if it can be helpful for drivers to only record the trips they have made and have their mileage logs managed by an office worker or accountant.
  • You can deactivate a user from accessing their account, and you can also permanently delete a user.
  • Only users with Administrator and Manager access can add a new user to the account, change their access level, or delete them.
  • Vehicle-partner pairing: For multiple users, as Administrator or Manager, you need to set which users can work with each car, meaning who can be authorized to manage monthly trips, assign a vehicle to a partner, or set daily recurring trips for a given car. Only the Administrator and Manager can add, modify and delete a car.

Non-manager users only see the cars to which they have access to, but all users see all partners. With vehicle-partner pairing, you can easily set each user to see only their own partners when recording trips.

It is also possible for a user to work in a separate account that no one else has access to. You can read more about this by clicking here.

There is no limit to the number of users in a shared account, it does not depend on the number of vehicles subscribed.

The Web Dashboard can be used by all users in the account at the same time. However, care must be taken to ensure that only one user enters data in a vehicle’s mileage log at a time.

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