Automatic client visit recording for the forgetful

July 2, 2020

Have you ever forgotten to record your business trips in your mileage log in the middle of things to do, administration, and client visits? At the end of the month, you were then shocked to find that you had barely recorded anything in the mileage tracker app.

Our Bluetooth device monitoring solves this problem!

By activating our Bluetooth device monitoring function, your mileage log can be created automatically! ((If you don’t have a car Bluetooth device, you can track automatically with the Phone charge monitoring feature.)

You need to have a Bluetooth device that you always store in your vehicle. It could be your car’s own built-in Bluetooth. Or, if you don’t have one, a car Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is set up in the app which device you would like your MileageWise app to monitor, then your client visits will be recorded automatically. For more information on how the new feature works and how to set it up, read our Help article.

MileageWise Mileage Tracker App pays attention to the battery and data usage of your phone

Bluetooth device monitoring uses GPS positioning and data for recording only when you arrive at your client, so your phone’s battery and data are only used for a minimum amount.

We will notify you of a successful client visit recording in an automatic message

It has never been easier to keep a mileage log, as at the end of the month you only need to finalize the client visits recorded by the Bluetooth feature. Furthermore, you don’t even have to deal with the administration at all if you outsource the task of finalization to your co-worker or accountant using MileageWise’s user management! If you do not have a competent staff member for this task or you want to be sure that your mileage log will be IRS-proof, entrust the preparation to our experts!

You can modify the recorded client visits by using the Bluetooth function in the app or in the MileageWise web dashboard, if necessary. And to finalize your mileage log, you still have the AdWise Wizard technology at your disposal.

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