Tax Professionals’ Mileage Log

Create your clients’ mileage log with ease

Creating your clients’ mileage logs as a tax professional can be a burden.

Want to know how can your clients do it in just 7 minutes a month?

Imagine a Web Dashboard and Mileage Tracker App solution that calculates all the distances between your clients’ partners all at once, which makes it easy to determine the ratio of business and personal trips, and can quickly create IRS-proof mileage logs even retrospectively!
Your clients can import their partner list all at once from a database (e.g. Excel spreadsheet), so they can say goodbye to manual partner recording.
If your clients log their mileage for themselves they can invite you into their platform, so you can follow, review, and print out their mileage log at the end of the month. No more begging for documentation.

Using MileageWise is easy: Your clients can track their trips on the go with our mileage tracker app and/or use our web dashboard on their computer – and at the end of the month if they hand in unfinished logs, you will get an automatic recommendation for the missing trips with our AI Wizard feature!
Because of the AI Wizard feature, creating your clients’ log even retrospectively only takes 7 minutes a month! After specifying a few parameters (and fixed points), the feature generates a recommended mileage log – while monitoring and correcting 70 logical conflicts -, which you can edit before handing in the logs and the documentation to the IRS.

What your ideal mileage log software should look like:

  • Nice and logical interface to guide you through the tasks, you don’t need to understand the underlying rules or the operation
  • Equipped with a Web Dashboard, available anywhere, on any device
  • Passing any IRS Audit
  • Excel import option for your clients / trips / refuelings
  • Recurring daily trips option for recording your usual trips in advance
  • With an additional Android and iPhone Mileage Tracker App
  • With an intelligent AI Wizard feature for forgotten trips
  • Quick recording of any forgotten trips
  • Built-in map with company and location finder, which calculates partner distances en masse, from door-to-door
  • With an algorithm monitoring and correcting 70 different logical conflicts
  • Automatically paying attention to compliance with the laws of the period
  • With constant development and continuous software updates
  • Expert customer service is available on weekends too – answering the phone immediately during office hours!
  • The service is delivered by a company with 15+ years of experience, in this field exclusively

MileageWise offers all of this and MORE! 🙂

Didn’t set up your mobile app correctly and missed some trips? Completely forgot to track your mileage?

No worries! Let our Google Timeline import function take care of your lost trips!

For this, we strongly suggest that you turn on Location History in your Google account, which automatically tracks every one of your trips.

If anything happens in the future, you’ll have your trips in Google Timeline, which you’ll be able to convert into an IRS-approved mileage log with the help of MileageWise.

IMPORTANT: This method does not substitute using a mileage logging software such as MileageWise but gives you an extra backup in a cloud that can save you thousands of dollars when transformed into a real mileage log.

Additionally, if the web dashboard and mileage tracker app are not enough, save your time and have our experts prepare your recommended IRS-proof mileage log, which we pass on to you every month and which we can do for you even retrospectively.

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