MileageWise has passed the IT-security exam with an A+

February 1, 2022

IT security is becoming increasingly important in every website and software. Cyber ​​protection is a strategy to safeguard against threats to individuals, companies, institutions, and governments. It also plays a big role in the life of MileageWise mileage logging software, we pay maximum attention to it.

MileageWise attaches great importance to the protection of data and the web system, which is why we conduct cyber security inspections with the country’s leading IT security company from time to time.

In addition to protecting users on a daily basis, this is also such a basic need for large multinationals that they often state that

they only contract with companies that have perfect IT security.

We also received such a request, in connection with which MileageWise had another in-depth investigation from the mentioned outstanding cyber security company, where no issue was found even after a long and detailed analysis.

At MileageWise, we are proud to say that we are providing our users with the utmost security so they all feel 100% safe.

cyber security success

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