Hidden Treasures of the MileageWise Web Dashboard: 2 Little Known Features

July 28, 2021

From our customers’ feedback this summer, we had to realize that many people are unfamiliar with all the useful tips and tricks of our MileageWise Web Dashboard.

We also know that it takes time to learn how to use software solutions, so with this short article we want to help our new and veteran clients with a brief introduction to a few lesser-known tips and tricks.

Tip 1: When adding a new trip, you can search by distance

In the Finalization of trips menu of our Monthly Trips menu bar, double-click on the day for which you want to record a trip.

On the bottom-left side of the screen of the detail, window click on the “Add new client” option. Here you can enter a company name, address, or even a distance in the search field: by searching for a distance, inserting a client will change the daily trip by about the distance you did search for.

Take a look at an example:

Tip 2: When inserting a new trip into your mileage log, you can save the new trip as a new client to your client list immediately, without having to navigate to the Client menu

If you have not yet recorded in the Basic Data menu, you can add the new address as a new client directly to your Client list in the Finalization of trips menu while also recording your new trip.

In the Finalization of trips menu point of our Monthly trips menu, double-click on the day for which you want to record a trip. You can add a new client with the “Add new client” option at the end of the list of your trips. In the drop-down list, start entering the new address you want to record as a client visit, and at the same time add it to your client list as well.

Take a look at an example:

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