Errors in your mileage logs discovered when changing accountants – a risky situation

September 2, 2019

If we outsource one of our tasks to a competent person in a given situation, we tend to blindly believe that if we paid for a service the job is going to be flawless. However, professionals can make mistakes (or maybe they’re simply not professionals) and if these problems only come to light when it is too late, that’s going to cost us a lot of money…

Based on our customer service experience, this is often the case with creating a mileage log. It’s a recurring story that entrepreneurs ask their accountants to prepare their mileage logs for them. They believe without a doubt that the completed logs will be correct and IRS-compliant.

When it comes to switching accountants, however, so many errors are revealed that we find it hard to believe. And entrepreneurs can only be grateful that these were not found out during a tax audit.

In our experience, many accountants do not even undertake the task of keeping a mileage log instead of a small business owner. There are many pitfalls to it, so the end result is often far from satisfactory.

In conclusion, let’s not make the mistake of blindly trusting our accountant and the mileage logs s/he makes (since he won’t be able to do magic without proper data), but rather outsource it to mileage log experts!

We designed our new mileage log web dashboard and app in a way, that our experts will be able to create an IRS-proof mileage log instead of the client, deliver it on a monthly basis, and can create retrospectively logs too, to fill the gaps of forgotten drives. Before handing it over, the Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects no less than 70 logical conflicts!

Trust us with creating your log! This is our profile and our passion as opposed to your accountant for whom this task is a burden.

With MileageWise we guarantee, there will be no more penalties!

While you’re deciding, get to know our mileage log web dashboard and app!