An IRS Auditor In Your Pocket

Oct 17, 2021

Both the number of IRS auditors and audits are going to increase in the future, as well as the taxes. Moreover, if you make a mistake in your mileage log, you can get penalized for it. What if you had a bulletproof tool in your inventory to defend your business? Automation is the key and that possibility is what we offer.

Let MileageWise’s AI Wizard feature give you recommendations for your forgotten business miles or incomplete logs. Reduce your possibility of getting a fine to zero.

MileageWise’s own 100% IRS-Proof Mileage Log makes a difference, as one of its key features is that it works Retrospectively as well. If you lost track of your Past Trips, MileageWise will easily get back those Lost Miles for you. Our AI Wizard Feature Checks and Corrects 70 Logical conflicts if something is incorrect, to help you avoid an IRS fine.

It just takes 7 minutes to complete a month’s worth of mileage records, resulting in $1,000s in tax deductions without having to struggle with an expenditure tracker. MileageWise also includes apps for both iOS and Android phones, allowing you to log your journeys while on the road.