MileageWise Mobile App Video Tutorial

November 16, 2023 

We are thrilled to introduce our latest video guide, a comprehensive tutorial designed to make your mileage tracking experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Whether you’re hitting the road for business or personal reasons, our MileageWise mobile app is here to ensure that every mile is counted accurately and effortlessly.

Join Gary from MileageWise as he takes you through the ins and outs of our innovative app, making mileage tracking a breeze for both new users and seasoned road warriors. Some highlights:

the mileagewise app helps users set up automatic mileage tracking

Automatic Tracking Made Easy

First up, we delve into the world of automatic tracking. MileageWise boasts three distinct automatic tracking options, each designed to cater to various vehicle usage patterns. No matter your driving frequency or purpose, we have an option that suits your lifestyle.

Step 1: Setting Up Vehicle Movement Monitoring

Watch as Gary demonstrates the easy setup of the ‘Vehicle Movement Monitoring‘ feature. This option automates your trip recording process, ensuring every journey is logged without your active involvement – ideal for those who prefer a hands-off approach. You’ll also hear about two other options MileageWise offers you for automatic tracking.

Personalizing Your Experience

Step 2: Customizing Auto-Recording Parameters

Mileage tracking is not a one-size-fits-all affair. In this section, learn how to tailor the auto-recording settings to meet your specific needs. From setting a minimum distance for trip recording to selecting specific days for tracking, you have complete control over your mileage logging.

Weekly Trip Reviews

Step 3: Reviewing and Confirming Trips

Gary will guide you through the simple process of reviewing and confirming your automatically recorded trips. This crucial step ensures that your mileage log is accurate and up-to-date, whether you prefer to do this on a weekly basis or more frequently.

Effortless Manual Recording

Step 4: Manual Entry Simplified

There are times when manual trip recording is necessary, and MileageWise makes this process straightforward. The app intelligently preloads your last location, making it quick and easy to log a new trip. A single tap is all it takes to record your journey, ensuring you never miss a mile.

Streamlined Mileage Tracking for Everyone

This tutorial is tailor-made for anyone looking to integrate efficient mileage tracking into their daily routine. With MileageWise, forget the hassles of guesswork and manual logging. Embrace a world of precise, easy tracking right at your fingertips.

🎥 Dive into our tutorial now and start your journey towards seamless and IRS-Proof mileage tracking with MileageWise!


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