Importing Trips from an External Data Source

Create IRS-proof mileage logs from the already existing list of your trips!


  • you have a mileage tracker app (MileIQ, Triplog, Motus, MileCatcher, etc);
  • your car has a built-in GPS device (eg. Tesla, Ford, Audi, BMW, etc);
  • you have a later-installed GPS device as part of a GPS tracking service (eg Samsara, Verizon Connect, Teletrac Navman, or Quatrix);
  • you use some kind of mileage log software (eg. MileageWIZ, Everlance, ExpressMileage, etc);
  • in Excel, you manually record your trips;
  • or you use an invoicing service or software (QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, etc)

that means you have a list of your monthly trips.

This list is a good base for creating, correcting, and fact-checking a mileage log.

From this base, you can create an IRS-proof mileage log. With MileageWise’s Fixed trips import feature, your log will comply with all regulations and meet every expectation.

You can import an Excel spreadsheet with the list of your already existing trips into our web dashboard, for example, a MileIQ, Triplog, or MileCatcher report.

Then edit them quickly and easily on the web dashboard!

1. Merge trips: If due to the operation of your external device, one continuous trip is listed as two separate trips in your existing mileage log, these trips can be merged in MileageWise.

2. Separate trips: Contrary to the previous case, instead of recording multiple trips, the device you have used so far combined two destinations, that may be too close to each other, as one trip, nonetheless those count as two separate partner visits. MileageWise provides an opportunity to separate these incorrectly connected points.

3. Categorize: Most GPS tracking systems are not capable of recording the personal or business purpose of your trips, although it is a requirement of the IRS. If you use MileageWise you can fulfill this requirement.

4. Correct: If the device you’ve used to track your trips hasn’t started or was interrupted, you can correct and complete these imperfect mileage logs manually in the web dashboard, or automatically, using our AdWise technology.

5. Repair: You can correct the ratio of your business/personal trips to reach the desired one if it doesn’t reflect reality due to any of the errors described above.

6. Analyze: If you have an incomplete mileage log, for any other reason not mentioned above, the program shows and after examining 70 logical conflicts, recommends a mileage log, this recommendation will show where and how many trips/refuelings are missing. If you follow these recommendations, then your mileage log will be IRS-proof without a doubt!

You don’t have to work twice if you use our Fixed trips import feature!

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