What is MileageWise’s Automatic Mileage Tracker app all about?

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We're not like the others...

…and we want you to know it! Uniquely on the market, we offer 40 FREE trips/month and a Mileage Tracker App with NO GPS tracking. The app only records your position at your destination. It saves your phone’s battery and respects your privacy by not constantly monitoring you.

Automate tracking your trips

The MileageWise Mileage Tracker App knows everything other mileage trackers know: 3 different types of automatic trip tracking and More! It actually auto-categorizes your trips (business / personal / charity / and more) so you don’t have to swipe left or right while driving…

How To Track Your Mileage?
Mileage log solution

See the bigger picture

By using the Web Dashboard you are destined for greater things, it’s not just for display. Set your partner visiting habits and let the Built-In IRS Auditor run a final check on your log before printing (hint: we check and correct 70 different logical conflicts in them).

"And what about my past miles?"

If you’re satisfied with our FREE Mileage Tracker and Web Dashboard and it happens that you have a few past mileage logs that you have to reconstruct… you can always use our IRS-Proof Mileage Log Creator AI Wizard feature. You can get a Recommendation for your Missing trips so your logs will be ready in 7 mins!

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