Navigating IRS Audit Triggers: How MileageWise Helps Staying Compliant

November 29, 2023

Understanding IRS audit triggers is crucial for anyone filing taxes, especially for self-employed individuals and small business owners. An IRS audit can be time-consuming and stressful, but being aware of common triggers and maintaining accurate records can significantly reduce your risk. In this article, we’ll explore key IRS audit triggers and how MileageWise plays a vital role in ensuring compliance, particularly in mileage logging.

mileagewise helps avoid irs audit triggers

1. Reporting Accurate Taxable Income

Accurately reporting all taxable income is fundamental. Both the IRS and taxpayers receive W-2 and 1099 forms, so any discrepancies can easily trigger an audit. It’s essential to report all income, regardless of whether you receive these forms or not.

2. Charitable Donations

Large charitable donations, especially when disproportionate to income, can raise red flags. Ensure all donations are properly substantiated, including obtaining appraisals for significant noncash donations and filing necessary forms like Form 8283 for donations over $500.

3. Business Expenses and Meals

Deducting business expenses, particularly meals with clients, must be done carefully. Only legitimate business-related expenses should be claimed, and it’s crucial to keep detailed records, including receipts and the business purpose of each expense.

4. Personal Use of Business Vehicles

Using business vehicles for personal errands can trigger an audit. Maintain a detailed log of mileage for business use. This is where MileageWise can be invaluable. Our tool offers you automatic trip classification and ensures that your mileage logs are accurate and IRS-Proof, protecting you from potential audits.

5. Home Office Deductions

Claiming a home office deduction is permissible for independent contractors, but the space must be used exclusively for business. Be cautious and only claim this deduction if you meet the strict criteria.

6. Accurate Reporting of All Income Types

This includes unreported income such as interest, dividends, and nonemployee compensation. Ensuring that all forms of income are reported can prevent unwanted attention from the IRS.

7. Rental Income and Deductions

Accuracy in reporting rental property income and deductions is essential. Showing a loss despite high rental rates can prompt an audit. Consult with a tax advisor to ensure you’re compliant.

8. Cryptocurrency and Day Trading Activities

The IRS is paying closer attention to cryptocurrency transactions and day trading activities. Ensure all transactions are substantiated and consult a tax advisor if you’re engaged in these activities.

9. Foreign Bank Accounts

Properly report any foreign bank accounts to avoid triggering an audit. The failure to accurately report these accounts can lead to serious scrutiny.

10. Early Retirement Withdrawals and Rounding Numbers

Be cautious with early retirement withdrawals, as they often attract penalties and IRS attention. Also, avoid rounding numbers on your tax returns; exact figures are less likely to trigger an audit.

Stay on Top of Your Mileage Tracking

Staying informed about IRS audit triggers and maintaining meticulous records is key to avoiding audits. For those who use their vehicle for business, MileageWise offers a robust solution to keep your mileage logs accurate and compliant. Our tool not only simplifies the logging process but also ensures that your records are detailed and IRS-Proof, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your business.


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