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Last updated on September 15, 2023

Being an Uber Eats driver means juggling food orders, navigating traffic, and appeasing eager customers, all while trying to keep track of your miles. Manual mileage logging can be cumbersome, but it’s essential for making the most of your tax deductions during tax season.

Thankfully, MileageWise is here to ease your mileage tracking troubles by automating your manual processes and guaranteeing an IRS-proof mileage log hassle-free!

uber eats drivers can claim tax deduction hassle-free using mileagewise

MileageWise: The Must-Have Tool for Uber Eats Drivers

For Uber Eats drivers, accurate mileage tracking is vital to track and reduce expenses and maximize tax savings.

The advanced MileageWise mobile app means no more frantic manual logging or fear of forgetting those crucial miles.

Choose from its 3+1 automatic trip recording modes (vehicle movement monitoringBluetooth monitoringPlug’N’Go monitoring, and manual recording) to suit your preference, ensuring your trips are recorded, especially during work hours.

Big Brother Isn’t Watching with MileageWise…But the IRS Is

With MileageWise, there’s no continuous GPS tracking, ensuring compliance with privacy laws while preserving battery and data. Automatic classification of business and personal trips eliminates the hassle of trip categorization. And, with the Waze integration, planning optimized routes to regular clients becomes a breeze, saving you fuel costs.

MileageWise helps boost your Uber Eats earnings by ensuring that every mile is accounted for, giving you a stress-free experience.

More Money in Your Pocket with MileageWise

Accurate and complete mileage logs from MileageWise promise better deductions during tax season. Who wouldn’t want that added bonus in their pocket? And by the way, are you aware that you might still catch the next deadline?

AdWise Wizard: No More Missed Mileage

Ever missed logging a trip? The AdWise Wizard suggests realistic trips based on your driving patterns and past trips, ensuring your mileage log is always complete. It’s basically MileageWise’s Retrospective Log Feature, meaning, no  more trips get left behind. Even if a few deliveries skip your mind, this app ensures your logs are always IRS-proof.

Import from Google Timeline

The ability to import data from Google Timeline means no trip recorded by Google goes unnoticed, making it effortless to recall past deliveries. And again, more logs mean fewer trip-gaps, which, in return, mean more deductible business miles!

MileageWise’s Concierge Service: Let Us Handle the Logging

Imagine ending a long day of deliveries without the added stress of logging miles. With MileageWise’s Concierge Service, you get a detailed mileage log, allowing you to focus solely on deliveries and earning tips.

Detailed IRS-Proof Reports for Better Earnings

The comprehensive mileage log reports from MileageWise give a transparent view of your expenses, enabling you to maximize your earnings without unexpected costs. And when it’s time to submit your claim, you can be sure that it’ll stand up against an IRS-audit.

MileageWise: A Must for Every Uber Eats Driver

Why stress over mileage tracking any longer when you can get MileageWise in a second? Register today and enjoy the financial benefits it brings. So, the next time someone asks you about your Uber Eats income and mileage log, give ’em a wink and flash the MileageWise app. Let’s make tax season a breeze and put more money where it belongs – in your pocket!

Download MileageWise’s automatic mileage tracker app from Google Play or the App Store & try it for free for 14 days. No credit card required!


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