MileIQ Alternatives for Mileage Tracking

Last updated on September 15, 2023 

Mile IQ Alternatives for Mileage Tracking

Up until relatively recently, many consumers who had purchased Microsoft’s 365 Business package were given MileIQ’s mileage tracker as part of a bundle – this app allowed many self-employed people and small business owners access to an app to track miles.

On the 18th of March, 2021 however, this all changed when MileIQ reverted to their original publisher – MileIQ LLC, now completely unaffiliated with the Microsoft Corporation. As a result, MileIQ users who created an account with the platform before May 1st, 2021 are now allowed to use its full version until March 31st, 2022, at which point they will be thrown back into the free version of the app, which only allows a maximum of 40 recorded trips per user per month.

Given these changes, you might now find yourself in the market looking for a new app that can create a mileage log, and through which you can adhere to the IRS’s tax compliance needs. Let’s take a look at some alternatives to this accounting software.

The Best MileIQ Alternatives

There are a very large amount of apps available in this market, from general expense tracking to stand-alone mileage tracking apps. If, however, you are looking to get the most out of your mileage-related tax deductions, you need an app that also has a computer-based admin console – usually referred to as a web dashboard – to manage your mileage logs and make sure that they are IRS-Proof.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing which provider and software you would like to use – features are of the utmost importance. Here is an overview of the mileage log app market’s best providers and the features their apps provide:

Tips for Choosing the Best Mileage Tracking App

While the above chart certainly shows that MileageWise’s software stands above the rest, it’s worth explaining a little bit about why that is the case – or – why you might want to consider other alternatives.

Here are some things that should be taken into consideration:

  • Many providers offer a free app with catches. This is true for both MileIQ and Everlance, who offer 40 or 30 maximum trips per month respectively. If that’s enough for you, then those options may be best. For most business people, that’s not even close to enough.
  • MileageWise offers a concrete 14-day trial of its full version. This way you can get a taste of our best and most revolutionary features. After that, paying for our service contains upfront costs such as a monthly or yearly fee.
  • Some apps, such as Hurdlr, are focused on expenses tax tracking. While this type of expense tracker could be useful for uploading receipts of vehicle-related costs, you will still need a comprehensive mileage log to divide the costs itemized on your receipts properly between business and personal mileage, as this will factor into what you can eventually get.
  • If you drive your personal vehicle for business through a company and receive mileage reimbursement for that, then you may want to check with your employer about which app they would prefer everyone to use. Most employers want the full version of the software their employees use. If you are facing an IRS audit – Our AI Wizard technology allows users to reconstruct their mileage logs if, for some reason, your logs are incomplete or have holes in them.

Creating a printable mileage log that is IRS-Proof is essential

Our in-built IRS auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts when examining your mileage log on the web dashboard, making sure that if there’s a problem, you know what it is and how to deal with it.

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MileageWise vs MileIQ

In many ways, this is a question of popularity. When it comes to features, MileageWise clearly wins out – it’s simply that many consumers do not yet know that such a wide range of features can help make their everyday lives easier with our app. They just go with the first option they find online, and that is often MileIQ. However, for small businesses and growing companies, you must maximize your features – you don’t want any gaps in either your logs or the logs of your employees.

Another point of comparison exists in the simplest terms – MileageWise offers three forms of auto-tracking, while MileIQ only gives you vehicle movement monitoring.
Let’s break down these additional tracking methods and take a look at why they might be beneficial to you.

Mileage Tracking Methods

Aside from vehicle movement monitoring and manual trip recording, both of which MileIQ and MileageWise offer, there are two other methods we offer as seen below:

Bluetooth Auto Tracking

Whether your car has Bluetooth built into its dashboard or you simply use a headset – we have you sorted. Our Bluetooth auto-tracking for iOS or Android phones works on a two-trigger system – both triggers must be met for the software to decide that you have reached your destination or arrival point. The first trigger is that your car stops and the second is that your Bluetooth is turned off, either through the push of a button if you’re using a headset, or if you have it built into your car when you turn off the ignition.

Plug‘N’ Go Auto Tracking

Just as it sounds, all you need to do with this type of auto-tracking is simply plug your phone into a USB outlet in your car. When your vehicle starts moving the app will record your trip, eventually calculating the distance from your point of origin to your destination. A similar double trigger point system determines when you’ve finally finished your trip.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the features and support we offer to our customers. That’s why we believe that we have the best app to track mileage on the market, and we’d be happy to offer our expert opinion on anything related to mileage tracking or the IRS at any point. Just get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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