Retrospective Mileage Logs

You need to retrospectively reconstruct your mileage logs if…

  • You’ve already claimed a deduction on your business mileage but don’t have mileage logs. Or you have mileage logs with significant gaps in them and now you need to backtrack your business miles to fill those gaps.
  • You had the wrong mileage tracker app. It took care of tracking, categorizing, and filing your mileage by putting it into the right format. However, the software was faulty, not tracking or doing anything without you even realizing it.
  • Your mileage tracker app worked. It tracked your miles, categorized your trips, and gave you some form of a mileage log. Only, the tracker wasn’t always working or was merging/splitting trips where it wasn’t supposed to. Now it’s a mess and you don’t know where to start to fix it.
  • Someone didn’t do the job they had to do, and now your logs are either non-existent or patchy and unlikely to be accepted by the IRS.
  • Perhaps you have some kind of log – a rogue piece of paper, an Excel spreadsheet, or an app that has been failing you. You know, though, that this partial log won’t suffice in the face of an IRS audit, and you need a comprehensive log pronto.
  • You didn’t even know you were required to keep a mileage log and now you have to hand in 1, 2, or even more years’ worth of logs.
  • You knew you should’ve kept a log but you were procrastinating. You put the task aside, telling yourself you’re going to do it just before filing your tax return.
  • There are a few mistakes you can make when tracking your mileage besides the points listed above, read about the 10 most fatal ones.

Other pieces of software that only track your current mileage can be problematic because sometimes you need to backtrack for a longer period. However, if you have Location History turned on in your Google account, you can transfer those trips recorded by Google into an IRS-approved mileage log using MileageWise.

“How much can I claim in tax deductions with MileageWise?”

Our customers usually claim a good few $1,000s in tax deductions on their business mileage. That’s a huge amount of money that you don’t want to miss out on.

Those who try to record their mileage in Excel or on paper will spend a great deal of their time putting the data together and still face a penalty from the IRS as there are 70 logical conflicts you have to pay attention to when recording your mileage log.

MileageWise’s built-in IRS auditor checks and corrects these conflicts to ensure that all of our customers will have an IRS-proof mileage log in just 7 minutes a month!

MileageWise retrospectively monitors the applicable laws and regulations in place, and our AI Wizard feature will give you a recommendation for your forgotten trips based on various parameters and auto-populate those trips. We’ve made the process so easy, that you won’t procrastinate anymore when it comes to logging your miles.

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