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To modify your previously added Headquarters / Branches simply double-click on the row you want to modify or right-click in the drop-down menu and select Modify.

Or select it by ticking the box before the name and select Modify from the bottom menu.

In the next window, make the changes you want! The name, category, purpose of the trip can be changed without further ado.

If you want to move the point to a new address: you can zoom in and out on the visual map, as you would in other map application, once you have found the new location, double-click it to place the marker!

The map will identify the new address (you can select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu in case of an ambiguous placement) and click the Modify address button. When changing the address, always select this option so that the new address information will be on the mileage log. (In the case of relocating without changing the address, the text address information will remain unchanged, this option is recommended if you only place the marker a bit further on the map when relocating, because in an industrial park, for example, the marker is not in the right place, but the street name and the house number are correct).

After making the necessary changes, click the Modify button!
(By clicking the Modify and new button, you can add a new headquarters or branch while saving your changes.)

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