Client-vehicle pairing in MileageWise

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Client-vehicle pairing in MileageWise


The Client-vehicle pairing feature allows you to categorize vehicles by clients in the system. This feature is very useful for multiple vehicles.

In the case of several vehicles, this is how the recorded points can be separated, which Headquarters / Branches, Clients, or Filling stations belong to which vehicle.

First, click on the field at the top right to select which client you want to categorize.

Tip: You can start typing the name of the client by clicking in the search field, but you can also narrow down the results by the address of the client. You can clear the field and start a new search by clicking on the X.

Once you have selected the right vehicle, a list will appear, which you can sort by License plate number, Make, Model, Driver, Fuel type, or Fuel consumption, or you can search for a specific vehicle by clicking in the Filter field.

Active group:

This includes Headquarters / Branches or clients within the USA. By default, any newly recorded points will appear as Active. These may even automatically appear in the mileage log due to the operation of the AI Wizard technology. Foreign points and Filling stations are therefore obviously not in the Active group.

Passive Group:

By default, this will include foreign clients and Filling stations. Points should be marked as Passive if you do not want the AI Wizard technology to use them when creating your mileage log draft. Typically, this could be a service place, car wash, etc., or any point you would like to exclude when using AI Wizard. Of course, you can record these points manually at the Fixed trips / Mobile app and Trips menu, so you can schedule visits to them at a time that you specify.

Inactive group:

By default, no points will be automatically added to the Inactive group.  This feature is useful for users with multiple vehicles. Set the point inactive for a vehicle, if the selected vehicle will never visit that point. If you put a point in the Inactive group, it will not be selectable for that vehicle in the Fixed trips, or in the Trips menu, if you mark a Filling station as inactive, you will not be able to record any refueling / charging data when you visit or are near to that point.
Such could be, for example, a private point that is a holiday home address of the driver of the other vehicle.

To change the category of a point, simply click on the circle in the appropriate column in that row, then, if you don’t want to make any more changes, simply click the Save pairing button at the top right, and you’re done!

You can continue making changes without saving. Next to the Filter field, you can see how many items you’ve modified so far.

Click the Modified button to display a list of vehicles modified so far. You can undo the changes by clicking the Restore “XY”s status icon. When you are done, click Save pairing at the top right!

You can set all the vehicles at once by clicking the checkbox above each group:

Tip: If you want to copy the pairings from a particular vehicle to another vehicle, click on the menu at the top right, and select Copy pairing.

Check our tutorial video on the Basic Data menu:

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